Posted On: 07/16/18 1:10 PM

On Saturday, Chandler Lawson, the younger brother of Kansas players Keelon and Dedric Lawson, announced via Twitter that he will be attending the prestigious Oak Hill Academy.

During the June team camps, many questions arose of the whereabouts of Lawson while his former high school, Memphis East, were playing. Where is Chandler? Why isn’t Chandler playing? Is Lawson injured? Ironically, while Memphis East played at the University of Memphis, Lawson sat in the stands as a spectator while watching and supporting his former teammates, and after games, Lawson did not miss a beat with socializing and joking with them as well. Furthermore, he practically grew up with most of the guys on the team from his Freshman year till this point. So, all in all, there is no ill-will or animosity between the players.

Fortunately for Oak Hill, they receive a big time prospect that can effect the game in all sorts of ways. At 6’8, Lawson is a do-it-all utility player that can play both forward positions and at times the center position. Lawson moves his feet so well for his size that often times he can defend opposing team’s guards. In fact, Memphis East featured Lawson as the front player in their full court press, and with his long arms, Lawson created chaos by intercepting or deflecting passes from the guards or simply stealing the ball from them. One of Lawson’s best abilities is his high motor on the glass. He grabs rebounds strongly and instantly looks ahead, and often times, he begins the fast break. Currently on the Nike EYBL, he averages slightly under 8 rebounds per game.

On the offensive end, Lawson has stretched and developed his game to the 3-point line. He still sticks to his attacking game with his nice pull-up jumper or soft-touch floaters around the rim, but he demonstrated a 3-point shot during the high school season. Sometimes Lawson went on stretches by himself looking like East’s best outside threat with his versatility. Although not the predominate ball handler, in certain situations, he can handle the ball without trying to force the issue resulting in turnovers. An ability that flies under the radar for Lawson is his passing capability. Obviously at 6’8, he can pretty much see the whole floor, but some of the bounce passes he makes in tight areas or passing out of the post to the open man really shows his awareness.

Now that Chandler has made his decision, the questions now surround the youngest Lawson, Johnathan, on where he will attend school next season.