Posted On: 07/24/18 9:27 AM


It is rare over the years for Championship Sports Gold 2019 to not play consistent winning basketball, and this weekend in the Brawl for the Ball in Grand Rapids was no different.  They lost their opening round pool play game, but then proceeded to win seven consecutive games to capture the Silver Bracket Championship, ending the tournament with an impressive 7-1 record.  The highlight of this tournament is the fact that only 5 players were able to play on Sunday (Nate Flannery, Blake Charboneau, Britton Angell, Ryan Heath, and Landon Hungerford).   With the 5 players mentioned, they were able to defeat two formidable opponents in The Illinois Warhawks and The Family 17U Black team in the semis and final.  

Championship Sports Gold 2019 consistently has success because of their ability to play team basketball, both on the offensive and defensive end.   Because of the high level basketball IQ that all of their players possess, they are able to attack offensively through multiple offenses and sets.  Overall the 3 point shot was not falling as often as normal this weekend, but Championship Sports Gold 2019 was able to adapt and find other ways to score the ball through drives and mid-range opportunities.   The defense of this team is maybe what is most underrated and overlooked.   Most of the players are strong and athletic, which allows them to effectively defend a team of almost any offensive style.   Championship Sports Gold 2019 gave up more than 60 points in only one game all weekend, which is extremely impressive given the competition they faced.   The balanced offensive and defensive performances paved the path to the 17U Brawl for the Ball Silver Championship.

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Championship Sports Gold 2019 51, Indy Heat 202062

Championship Sports Gold 2019 58, MBA 17U Sabiiti 56

Championship Sports Gold 2019 70, Michigan Goonies-Thacker 50

Championship Sports Gold 2019 54, Greg Grant Elite 52

Championship Sports Gold 2019 47, MWA Elite 2019 – 44

Championship Sports Gold 2019 48, Michigan Titans 40


Championship Sports Gold 2019 35, Illinois Warhawks 34


Championship Sports Gold 2019 52, The Family 17U Black 51


Blake Charboneau

Charboneau carried the scoring load in the championship game against an extremely talented The Family 17U Black team.  He scored at all 3 levels, and had a couple highlight dunks to cap it off.   He recently received a Division 2 offer from Notre Dame College, and it would not be surprising to see numerous Division 2 schools follow suit shortly.  

Nate Flannery

Flannery did what he typically does, which is leading his team to wins through his skill and toughness.   He showed all weekend that he can get in the paint at will and either score himself or set up teammates for easy shots.   His on ball defense is as good as there is in the class of 2019.  A true floor general, after another of couple strong weekends here in July, he is being contacted by Division 2 schools. He already had strong interest from Division 3 and NAIA. His game would translate at any of those levels right now.

Isaac Hungerford

Hungerford continued his hot shooting, which has been his staple all AAU season.  His ability to shoot the ball with almost limitless range made him a very difficult matchup all weekend.  His toughness and college ready body allows him to defend multiple positions.   He is receiving interest from Division 3 programs, and may receive interest from higher levels if his handle continues to improve.

Britton Angell

Angell was the ultimate well rounded team guy.   He showed ability to finish at the rim, elevate over people with his jump shot, and hit open 3’s.  He is a long defensive wing which allows him to block occasional shots, and he had numerous steals that led to him getting transition layups.   He is also receiving D3 interest, and has the ability to play at the NAIA level.

Ryan Heath

Heath is a welcomed new addition to this team.   He is a rangy wing who showed the ability to hit jump shots, as well as put the ball on the floor and score on many driving opportunities.   He is an unselfish player willing to do anything asked of him on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.  He has D3 length and the skill and work ethic to play at that level.

Ty Andrades

Ty is a high energy, high paced offensive player.   He did not need any room to get off his jump shot.   He can really change the pace of a game when he gets his offense going.   He is currently receiving interest at the D3/NAIA levels.


Coach Bill Flannery and Championship Sports Gold 2019 are looking to wrap up an incredible 8 year AAU run in Fort Wayne at the GRBA National Championships from July 26-29.