Posted On: 07/7/18 11:17 PM

2020 Christian Cook could not be stopped on Day 2 of The Finale. Cook dominated and led his team to a productive day by scoring at will.

Not many times do you see a kid put together a day like Cook did for Team Buddy Buckets. You almost never see a kid dominate scoring the basket when playing up an age group as well.

Cook scored his teams first 6 points and didn’t look back from there. At 6’2, he is a quick guard who can explode when he gets to the rim. He was the best finisher at the event on Day 2. He drove with full confidence that he could finish over whoever was in the way.

Cook played really well in a win over Top Flight Oklahoma where he mostly lived at the rim and continuesly made defenders look silly.

Cook has perfected the “Kyrie” where you dribble hard one way and then on the stop of a dime change direction while putting the ball behind your back. Defenders just didnt know what that move or Cook in general for that matter.

Cook decided to save his best performance vs Teamwork Oklahoma where he had a good first half. Got to the rim and he also got out on the fast break where he can be very dangerous.

However, in the second half Cook put on a show for the folks watching Solid Rock Court 2. The game was intense and very competitive for the most part but Cook then took the game over with a 12 point run which took all the spirit from Teamwork Oklahoma to try and make a comeback.

You can tell Cook is used to playing in games where players are trash talking. He felt in his element and so he did what he does best which is score the ball.

The 2020 guard is playing against soon-to-be seniors and he is posing after two deep threes from NBA range. He had every right to let the fans know they were in for a treat.

Cook’s swagger literally was the difference in the game and allowed his team to win by 30 points.

I was not surprised that Cook could score but I was certainly caught off guard how he could take the game in his hands and dominate guys older than him.

Cook’s stock is on the rise and if he continues to have performances like this then he will be a name to know next season.