Posted On: 07/23/18 6:27 PM

Team Charlotte brings intensity every they step on the floor, regardless of what age group of teams that were playing they brought the same amount of effort and energy. It all begins with the coaching staff and one of the most intensity coaches in the business is Coach Jeff who played his college ball at UNC and spent many years in the NBA. Each player from the stars to the last one on the bench all bye in to how hard and intense the team plays, that’s something that you have to enjoy and respect.

Big Shots Elite NC 2019 is a team that colleges should be watching, they have multiple college prospects that can play at the next level and showed that they can play against just about anybody. They finished the event at 3-1 with wins against Flight 22, Team Felton and the Southern Kings, they play the game the right way and are a very well coached team.

CEBA is another team that is refreshing to watch, Coach Davis does a tremendous job with getting players to play the game the right way . Overall they finished with a 2-2 record but also turned the heads of multiple college , there are quite a few players on their roster that can play on the next level and they used this event to pick up some more interest.

Team CLT Wing Josh Hall is forreal, his laid back demeanor at time make lead you to believe that he’s not going as hard as possible but that’s simply false. The size he brings at over 6’6 with impressive ballhandling and shooting skills, he is one that had his name place on quite a few new recruiting list.

Greg Gantt has coaches at the next level very excited about what he can possibly bring, although he didn’t play in all of the games, the majority if not all of the schools in his top 9 were in attendance. The versatility that he brings as well as his motor is something that we feel can translate to the next level without much of an issue.