Posted On: 07/24/18 4:55 AM

Prep Hoops takes a look at which players from the State of South Carolina stood out in the 2020 class here at Big Shots Charlotte this weekend.

Javon Benson – Ridge View HS – Carolina Wolves 16U (pictured on front) 

Benson 6’7 played really well today in the paint for the Carolina Wolves 16U. Benson showed some good flashes of what we at Prep Hoops have seen in the past. Benson should be a great addition to the Blazers roster this season after sitting out last season. Benson has great length and runs the floor very well. Benson is a player that will see his stock rise in the future.  Benson connected on a few jumpers out on the perimeter today.

Jordan Burch

Jordan Burch – Hammond – Carolina Wolves 16U

Burch really liked having the ball in his hands today for the Carolina Wolves !6U. Burch can just physically beat on a opposing player. Burch drove the ball to the rack at will today along with finishing on contact.

Jahnarious Snell – Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS – Carolina Wolves 16U 

Snell is more of a one-trick pony on the floor. Snell is a catch-shoot guy on the perimeter. Snell connected on 3 three pointers in the open rounding game the Carolina Wolves 16U played. Snell and Burch actually moved from the Carolina Wolves 17U to Carolina Wolves 16U this week.

Tauris Watson

Tauris Watson – White Knoll HS – Team Wall Southeast Marion 2020

Watson seems to be best suited while slashing to the basket. Watson 6’0 shooting guard has a great nose for the ball .Watson left-handed gets most of his work done close to the basket and inside the paint for the most part.

Jordan Wildy

Jordan Wildy – Rock Hill HS – Team Charlotte 16U 

Wildy 6’7 is a very long and rangy forward. Wildy really likes to play out at the top of key at times and drive the ball to the rack at times. Wildy blocked and altered some shots today for the 16U champions.