Posted On: 07/16/18 6:38 PM

The Battle of Seattle featured a large # of teams from around the area and beyond putting their skills on display with the hope of catching the eye of a potential college coach.  Besides some of the more well-known shooters at the camp such as 5-star recruit Marjon Beauchamp (2020 Rainier Beach) and highly recruited Elijah Peppers (2019 Selah High School), there were some other shooters who all shot the ball well during the weekend that stood out as well. We’ll focus on some of the lesser known shooters from the tournament who deserve some recognition.

John Christofolis-(2021 O’Dea High School) John Christofolis showed a soft shooting touch throughout the tournament and created his shot at times also. Going into his sophomore year, the 6’3 shooter is looking to establish himself as one of the best shooters in the area. With an area full of great shooters, he has time to make a name for himself.

Miguel Tomkey-(2018 Tamanawis Secondary Wildcats-Surrey, BC) This Canadian product put on a shooting/scoring exhibition during the tournament but we’re going to focus on his shooting for now.  The graduating senior is a bit of a legend in his country, going on a legendary scoring run during the last 4 games of his high school career with the Wildcats to score the most points over a 4 game span in that tourneys 73-year history.  During the Battle, he was impressive shooting the ball, during both catch and shoot situations and off of the dribble.  He led his team in scoring and showed aggressiveness coaches look for at the next level. He has some mid-majors looking at him as of right now but he did not mention if a decision was officially made.

Team Hawaii: Sam Wheeler-(5’10,2018), Christian Togai-(6’0,2019), Frankie Felix Sr.-(6’0,2018), Kam NG-(5’10,2018) Initially the plan was to write about each individual but as the tournament went on I saw so many similarities between guards that I felt it would be more fitting to speak of them as a whole.  Ask anyone at the tournament who was lucky enough to catch any of Team Hawaii’s games during the tournament and they would agree.  They were aggressive, did not back down, and seemed just as comfortable whether it was a slow/physical game or a high-scoring affair.  Team Hawaii combined scrappy defense with some dead-eye shooting behind these 4 guards, and that combination made for an exciting brand of basketball that fit right in here in the Northwest. If any there is an area that can appreciate undersized tough-minded guards, it’s definitely the Great Northwest.