Posted On: 07/8/18 8:53 AM




Watching Bradley Graham play basketball as a spectator is pretty tiring. The guard never seems to shy away from the physicality of the game, often finding himself around the ball on both offense and defense.  It’s that mentality that Bradley Graham hopes will push his recruiting stock up over these next 2 seasons of his high school basketball career

The 5’11” junior pg is going into his second season with Team Bradley and he feels as though he’s starting to see the improvement in his game. With a goal of playing basketball at the next level in college, he’s already focused on doing the things necessary to get ready for that next level. As a member of Team Bradley, his focus currently as a player is to provide scoring, shooting, and help make his teammates better players but he still has an eye towards his future. “I know in order to become the best player that I can be, I’m going to have to get physically stronger in order to be able to compete with all of the strong, talented guards that are at the current level and beyond,” says Bradley.

Playing for Team Bradley, he gets the opportunity to practice against some high ranked guards on a weekly basis. This allows Bradley to get a good assessment of what it’s going to take to play a the next level. He didn’t mention any schools recruiting him currently but it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before he begins to earn a name for himself on the prep scene.