Ballislife Jr. All-American Camp: Top 2022 Performers

Southern California

Posted On: 07/9/18 1:18 PM

Orange, Ca. — Orange Lutheran high school played host to the annual Ballislife Jr. All-American Camp, drawing 180-plus youth basketball players ranging from third graders up to incoming ninth graders.

We don’t venture into the lower grade levels in coverage or evaluation, so this top performers piece will strictly deal with the classes of 2022 and 2023.

Here are some of the standouts from the class of 2022.

Roddie Anderson, 2022, Fountain Valley

Anderson was in attack mode from the outset, putting defenders on their heels with his downhill speed and quickness when changing direction on balance. The 5-foot-9 point guard heading to Fountain Valley high school is proficient at getting into the lane, drawing multiple defenders and kicking to open 3-point shooters.

Dylan Andrews, 2022, Windward

Andrews can be filed in the “explosive” category of rising freshman guards. The 6-foot-1 Windward High product overpowered defenders in transition, getting into the paint at-will and finishing through contact. Andrews is also adept at attacking the basket out of high ball-screen situations as his blow-by speed and ability to keep defenders on his hip allows him to get good looks at the cup.

Donovan Dent, 2022

Pace is the name of the game with Dent. The 5-foot-9 guard has his head on a swivel with the ball in his hands, surveying the floor with IQ and picking apart defenses with his passing ability. Dent rarely gets sped up and understands that feeding teammates also feeds into positive energy and atmosphere within the team concept.

Benny Gealer, 2022, Rolling Hills Prep

Gealer spent the last month playing big minutes of high level high school basketball with Rolling Hills Prep and that showed in his performance on the weekend. Gealer was a dominant force, knocking down 3-pointers with consistency and toying with opposing defenses with his great feel for the game and passing ability.

Kristian Jemerson, 2022

Jemerson has an intriguing combination of size, length and fluid athleticism at 6-3. He has a strong scoring package at this point in his development with versatility both inside and out. Jemerson made a concerted effort on the defensive end, denying on the wing one pass away and sitting down in a stance and sliding his feet.

Ramel Lloyd, Jr., 2022, Sierra Canyon

Like Gealer mentioned above, Lloyd has been exposed to the top level of high school hoops over the last couple of months and that experience certainly paid dividends at this camp. Lloyd was superior to most others on the weekend, his skill and athleticism at 6-5 being too much to handle for most opponents. Lloyd rebounded the defensive glass, pushed the break and scored when as he pleased.

Dorell Thomas, 2022, Hillcrest Prep (AZ)

Thomas is as versatile as they come. The 6-foot-4, 150 pound wing rebounds well both in and out of his space and in traffic. He uses his length, athleticism and quick first and second jumps on the offensive end to corral offensive rebounds for put-back buckets. Thomas is capable of spreading the floor to the 3-point line and putting it on the deck top attack the basket.

Kijani Wright, 2022, Windward

Wright couldn’t finish out the weekend in the top 25 game due to injury, but prior to that he was nearly impossible to stop. At 6-feet-8 and 210 pounds, Wright’s physicality combined with his obvious size, length and athletic advantages separated him from most other campers. Wright is as skilled as they come for a big man at his age with his ability to score on the block and face-up and hit the 15-17 foot set shot with consistency.