Posted On: 07/24/18 5:59 AM

As we’re still seeing many of these 2021 prospects for the first or second time in July, it’s hard to get a great feel on their game, bad or good. Therefore, our All In HoopFest recaps on this class mostly include prospects with obvious talent or players we’ve watched multiple times this season.

Benjamin Knostman, 6’1” G, Ohio Crossover / Tipp City

The first game of our weekend was the 5PM timeslot on court 1, where Crossover 15U took on an underwhelming out-of-state team. Knostman ran the show. The young prospect showed an ability to find open teammates, including a pair of off-the-dribble scoop passes to cutters. He delivered those assists with timeliness in the half-court and was unselfish on the break also. Knostman scores the ball via the jumper and his open looks came as a function of their ball movement, not necessarily him creating space for himself. Although he did change speeds with some success.

Defensively, Knostman got caught reaching when opponents attacked him on the dribble drive. Development in either his lateral quickness or defensive IQ is something we’ll look for going forward.

Tre Massey, 6’2” G, SMAC Attack / Strongsville

Massey combined promising size on the perimeter with an aggressive scoring mentality to have an excellent scoring weekend for SMAC. Coming around off-ball screens, Massey shot it with real range. Although his shot is slightly low and away from his body, it went in rather consistently. He also uses his strength to create shots in the lane with pivots after jump stopping. At the end of the day, Massey puts constant pressure on the defense as a scoring threat.

Idris Lawrence, 5’10” PG, Ohio Hoopsters – Tillman / Pickerington North

Lawrence was a bit of revelation in the OH-Tillman halfcourt offense over the weekend. The lefty is super quick with the ball in his hands and was able to get to his left-handed layup at will. In just one crossover move, Lawrence was skating by kids. The crafty finisher accepted his role off-ball and didn’t force the action when he didn’t have space to drive the lane. But, if you got caught in an iso with Lawrence, chances are you’d be buckled at the knees while he finished before your help-side teammate had the chance to block his shot.

Royal Sibley, 6’4” G/W, Hidden Gems Platinum / Whitehall

Sibley’s physical attributes jump off the page. His length is tremendous and he packages that with a decently wide frame that could pack on muscle. Although he definitely showed the ability to put it on the floor a little bit and rebound, Sibley mostly impressed by going 4/5 from deep in the first half on Saturday morning. He knocked down uncontested shots from three feet beyond the arch against a zone. Sibley is good on the attack when he squares his shoulders, but he’s not strong enough to finish through traffic on euro steps and other unbalanced positions.

Garner Wallace, 6’4” W, Mid Ohio Pumas Elite (16U) / Pickerington Central

Wallace is one of the most versatile defenders in Ohio already. Playing against Grand Park Premiere Red 2020 on Sunday, the Pumas were having issues defending Bobby Fry, Indiana’s no. 94 ranked prospect in the 2020 class. So, they assigned Wallace to faceguard him. Although Fry may have scored another bucket throughout the game. Wallace executed his role with precision and was harassing the scorer with length and foot-speed throughout entire possessions. The amount of trust he demands from the sidelines on that end of the floor is special.

Wallace also handled the ball in the open floor with security and poise. As always, he provides an element of pace to any floor he steps on.

Chance Groce, 6’4” G, Columbus 101 / Beechcroft (transfer from Linden)

Groce flat-out beat up on inferior competition this weekend in Louisville. His down-hill attacking style puts defenders on their heels as he crosses them over at full-speed and drops in easy layups. Groce also had an impact on the offensive glass with numerous tip-ins at the rim. We haven’t found a guard who is a more talented halfcourt scorer in the 2021 class yet. He’s roughly 10 pounds of muscle away from being entirely unstoppable.