Posted On: 07/16/18 5:00 AM

In July, we’re focusing on the teams and players that we didn’t fully evaluate during the spring. If you’re coming to the website in July expecting us to continue covering the same set of teams we talked about in the spring, that’s just not what we’re about. There’s roughly 200+ college prospects in each of Ohio’s classes, so we owe it to those kids to be in the back gyms of secondary locations finding diamonds in the rough this month.

This weekend, our July initiative manifested itself in long mornings at Best Choice Fieldhouse, where Prep Hoops often had the only scouts in the facility. As you can tell, it worked out. There’s several fresh names to cover throughout our adidas Invitational reviews, including this very article.

Jaden Woods, 6’4” W/F, Miller Factory / Newark

Woods may not be special in any one skill, but his constant energy on the glass and unselfishness with the ball is enough for a 6’4” kid with athleticism. Woods is playing out of position as the tallest player on MF but is inexplicably out-rebounding most of his matchups this season. We also liked how quickly he found the outlet pass, which led to easy buckets for his teammates. The glue guy is athletic enough to play on the perimeter, but he’s very right-hand dominant and doesn’t take many jumpers.

Jayvon Maughmer, 6’5” W, Mid Ohio Pumas White (Beard) / Chillicothe

Talk about a stock-riser from the event! Maughmer showed off the entire package of skills in their half-court motion offense. He was slashing with an exciting combination of size and polish. Maughmer finished those takes from tough angles with either hand. Maughmer can also spot shoot or zip passes to open teammates.

Maughmer has a perimeter wing’s offensive skill set and can likely defend 2-4 down the line in college. He used his length to contest numerous shots at the basket and on close-outs. His hips are a little stiff, but he’s still a pretty fluid athlete. Capable rebounder.

Dalton Mischal, 6’4” W, Mid Ohio Pumas White (Beard) / McClain

Mischal is a powerful 6’4” wing that loves to work the baseline on offense. His assertiveness as a scorer comes and goes, but Miscal is always making plays for shooters with his drive-and-kick specialization. Mischal also has very impressive lower body strength and can really man-handle someone on a box out. Also has a good first step and occasionally punishes mismatches on post-ups.

Alex Mangold, 6’7” F, Mid Ohio Pumas Elite / Lakota East

High level Division II and NAIA programs who have the luxury of getting a head start on the 2020 recruiting class should spend some time on Mangold. When he comes down with rebounds, Mangold’s willingness to push the pace allows his guards to run the floor. Mangold has good upper body strength and can shoot the rock as a trailing big man. Really good feet and offensive instincts for a big. He’s also hard to stop with his back to the basket.

Tyler Eberhart, 6’6” F, Mid Ohio Pumas Blue (Jayaraman) / Kenton Ridge

Even from the spring to now, Eberhart has really improved as a basketball player. I don’t know if it’s confidence or what, but this kid was a different player in Indy this weekend. We had him ranked as the no. 76 prospect in Ohio after May and that may be 30+ spots too low.

He had a couple really nice touch passes in the half-court, which speaks to his improving feel for the game. Eberhart also showed some speed and explosion in the passing lanes on interceptions turned dunks. With his back to the basket, Eberhart is money over the left shoulder.

Caleb Terry, 6’9” C, Hidden Gems Black / Alexander

Terry is pushing 6’10” and is able to maintain his fluidity as a help-side shot-blocker and floor runner. Now, he’s not zooming past guys but he moves pretty good for a center of his height. The mobility allowed him to dominate the defensive glass and come up with a countless number of blocks against foolish guards. Terry also provided rim protection against opposing bigs and did it without fouling. We also liked how quickly he got the ball to his guards, given HG’s emphasis on pushing pace.

Paul Burris, 6’5” W/F, Hidden Gems Black (Staib) / Delaware Hayes

We were sleeping on Burris for far too long! He’s listed as a small forward in the program but was rather fantastic playing as their five in Indy. His wildly consistent jump shot resembled a perimeter wing this weekend. Otherwise, we believe he’s best suited to defend forwards at the next level. He is good at making it difficult to enter the ball into the post and rebounding, while his capability to move laterally is more of a bonus.