4 Quarters Camp: Standout Players Pt.2

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 07/4/18 10:25 AM

Southern Durham HS 2020 Guard Alex Webb: A guard that has a nice IQ for the game and is what we would define as a deceptive player. He may not be the tallest or faster guard but he’s smart and crafty with how he plays. One of our favorite attributes about him is the ability he showed to score over bigs and in traffic at a solid rate.

Southern Durham HS 2019 Guard Jalen Person: Plays the game with a toughness that you have to like from a guard, he doesn’t back down from challenges and doesn’t allow the defense to speed him up. He showed the ability to score the ball at a nice level as well as getting teammates involved.

Riverside HS 2020 Wing Josh Alston: One of the stronger and more athletic players that we got the chance to see, he embraces contact well and finishes inside. You always love to see a player that takes that workman approach to the game and brings the effort and energy that other may not, he scored the ball some but seemed more concerned with doing other things for his team.

Oak Hill academy 2019 Wing Josh Hall: Very intriguing prospect, at about 6’7 with some guard skills, he’s one that you can almost instantly label as a prospect for the next level. D1 programs have already been showing interest as he is one that will only get better once he gets into the program that is the right fit for him.

South Granville HS 2020 Guard Micah Jones: Recently he transferred in to South Granville HS and from what we saw he has a chance to be a nice piece to the team. He’s another player that has nice athletic ability and seems to truly excel when the game is up-tempo and in

Carrboro HS 2022 Guard Tivon Byrd: For a player at such a young age, his ability to pass the ball and his IQ for the game are very impressive. Time after time he made passes that hit his teammate’s right in their hands as well as making some difficult passes look rather easy.

Voyager Academy 2022 Guard Deandre Satterfield-Ross: About two years ago I got the chance to see this youngster and his skillset was clearly above his peers at his age. He still is a talented player now and although he hasn’t grown much height wise, he is one that has a lot of upside and a lot of things to like about his game.