Virginia Rankings

Posted On: 07/24/18 3:17 PM

Now that we’ve updated the rising junior class, it’s time to break them down much like we did the 2019 class.

While we did the 2019 class by area and position, we decided to do something a little different with the 2020 class. We will be breaking down these rankings updates by different characteristics and strengths of players that you will find on the basketball court.

Confused? You won’t be. Take a look at some of the top perimeter lock down guys in the 2020 class.

Tyler Henderson | 5’8” PG | LC Bird (#21 Overall)

Tyler Henderson

Henderson may be small which some people would say gives him a disadvantage on the defensive end, but one thing many coaches say is that defense is an effort ability, and Henderson gives max effort on that end. He doesn’t care who is the guy with the ball on the other end, he’s going to get under him, pick him up full court and dog him the entire length of the floor. The fact that he has that mentality is the biggest reason opposing guards will dread matching up with him over the next few years.

Kenard Richardson | 6’3” WG | Varina (#24 Overall)

Kenard Richardson

Richardson has the dog in him that makes him a lock down defender, but on top of that he has the size and strength to bully opposing guards. He knows how strong he is, and he’s going to lay it on you the whole game by bumping you on every cut and boxing you out on every shot. He wants to get into your head, and he does so without saying much. He’s a talented and improving offensive player, but he could really make his statement at the next level on the defensive end.

Javon Swinton | 6’2” PG | North Stafford (#26 Overall)

Javon Swinton

A natural athlete that is already getting recruited at the ACC level for football, Swinton’s mix of intelligence and smooth athleticism makes him a lock down defender on the basketball. He’s a couple steps ahead of you when he’s guarding you on the ball, as he has great instincts and is able to move his feet to beat you to spots he already knows you’re going to. He has quick hands, he rotates well in the press and he will sacrifice his body for the team as well.

Christian McLeod | 6’1” PG | Millwood (#27 Overall)

Christian McLeod

McLeod has a mix of length and athleticism that allows him to make plays on the defensive end both on the perimeter and in the paint. He moves his feet well and has a strong frame that allows him to keep guys in front of him, and he is able to force deflections and make passing difficult with his length. He’s also a big time athlete, so he’s able to come help side to block shots and he’s able to hawk down guys in transition as well.

Andre Bottoms | 6’2” PG | Oscar Smith (#37 Overall)

Andre Bottoms
Picture Credit – MakePlayz

Bottoms has a good feel as a true point guard, and that leads to his ability to play defensively. He leads by example, which means he will pick up and sit down and guard the basketball like his life depends on it. He moves his feet well, he bodies up without fouling and he’s great at making ball handlers uncomfortable. He’s a guy who is fundamental and sound defensively and in turn that takes opposing guards out of their rhythm.

Sese Mobutu | 6’1” PG | Bishop Ireton (#46 Overall)

Sese Mobutu

Mobutu is another lead guard who has the instincts on both ends of the floor to be a lock down defender. He’s an above average athlete with good feet, he can shoot passing lanes and he’s great coming from the backside to trap. His quick hands and feet make ball handlers uncomfortable and he is willing to sacrifice his body to help his team.

Nick Reese | 6’1” WG | STAB (#49 Overall)

Nick Reese

Despite being just 6’1”, Reese has the strength and athleticism to guard every position on the perimeter and he excels in doing so. He loves the challenge, as you’ll routinely see someone guarding him when he’s on offense, but after the possession switches he finds the best player on the other end and he hounds them the whole way. He’d disciplined on the basketball and in help side, but he’s also opportunistic as he’s always looking for a strip, deflection or disruption that will lead to a turnover.

Jahme Ested | 6’2” G | Henrico (#79 Overall)

Ested quietly had a very good season for Henrico, as he stepped up and was a great second option offensively with FUMA commit Timon Jones, and he’ll likely be in that situation next year now that Jaden House is healthy. However, he’ll always be that guy defensively. He’s lightning quick with both his hands and his feet, he has good instincts that allow him to stay in front and he’s a tough kid who will dig deep and get a stop when you need him to. He sometimes gambles, but his quickness allows him to come up with steals that other guys simply can’t get.