Virginia Rankings

Posted On: 07/24/18 2:36 PM

Now that we’ve updated the rising junior class, it’s time to break them down much like we did the 2019 class.

While we did the 2019 class by area and position, we decided to do something a little different with the 2020 class. We will be breaking down these rankings updates by different characteristics and strengths of players that you will find on the basketball court.

Confused? You won’t be. Take a look at some of the top paint protectors and shot blockers in the 2020 class.

Mark Williams | 6’11” C | Norfolk Academy (#3 Overall)

Mark Williams

As a shot blocker one of the best things to have is length, and there aren’t many bigs in the entire country that have more length than Williams. At 6’11”, he sports close to a 7’4” wing span, which allows him to contest shots without jumping and to catch things cleanly off the glass in help side. He can move his feet well, he gets off his feet well and he’s able to contest shots easily, even if he doesn’t get the block.

Ish Plet | 6’7” PF | Virginia Episcopal School (#19 Overall)

Ish Plet

Plet is still developing on the offensive end, but that doesn’t stop him from holding down the paint on the defensive end. He has extremely broad shoulders that allow him to body up defenders, he gets off his feet quickly and he has decent timing that is continuing to improve. He isn’t the show time shot blocker, but instead protects the paint with effort, strength and good footwork.

Jahvion John | 6’6” PF | Virginia Academy (#25 Overall)

John is still a project on the offensive end, but there’s no question that he’s one of the best rim protectors in the entire country. He is fearless when contesting shots, and he’s always up to make a big time play on that end when his team needs him to. He will meet you at the rim, he has great bounce and is quick off his feet and he has great timing to block shots without making contact and he is willing to challenge the best of leapers at the rim.

Andre Screen | 6’10” C | St. Stephen’s St. Agnes (#29 Overall)


Screen is still developing but he’s been learning behind starter Charles Thompson on how to be a two way impact guy and it’s starting to pay off. He’s efficient offensively and very smart defensively, as he gets big in the paint and rebounds everything in his area. He slides his feet well and has good timing as a shot blocker, but even if he doesn’t block the shot he does a great job contesting without fouling and making every shot in the paint a tough one.

Sincere Clark | 6’6” PF | LC Bird (#33 Overall)

Sincere Clark

Clark still has some developing to go through on both ends of the floor, but that hardly diminishes where he could be in a couple of years with development. He’s an absolute jumping bean, one who is able to make plays on both ends of the floor because of his shear athleticism. He typically has his chest around the rim when he goes to dunk or contest shots, and that in itself has to make guards reconsider when they attack the basket. His unbelievable jumping ability makes him a big time paint protector.

Logan Washington | 6’5” PF | Woodside (#62 Overall)

I honestly forgot to move Washington up in the rankings, as his 62 is entirely too low for his production level on both ends of the floor. He’s extremely strong and quick off his feet, and he has the mindset of a guy who will erase shots at the rim. He isn’t afraid to challenge anyone, and despite being a little on the shorter side he stays vertical, gets above the rim and brings energy with his ability to send stuff back at the rim.