2020 Rankings Updates: Free Overview

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Posted On: 07/12/18 9:34 PM

It’s our second year of ranking the 2020 class, and things continue to change. We’re seeing players come into their own, we’re seeing offers roll in, we’re seeing improvements and we’re seeing transfers. These rankings will continue to change since the players are still young, and we look forward to continuing our evaluations and helping these kids get as much exposure as possible!

Without further ado, here’s a free overview of our newly updated top 100 rankings for the rising junior class.

Things Change in the Top 10; Still Looks Stacked

Out is #1 prospect and top 10 in the country prospect Isaiah Todd, who announced he will be transferring to North Carolina. Sliding into that top spot is fellow nationally ranked and two time gold medalist Jeremy Roach. Roach was recently ranked as the #10 prospect in the country by 247 Sports.

Joining the Top 10 from Philadelphia is 6’2” PG Lynn Greer who will be attending Oak Hill Academy. Greer played up on the Team Final 17U group in the EYBL this year, and is ranked in the ESPN Top 60 for the class. A point guard with good feel and vision, he should thrive being surrounded by top talent at Oak Hill.

Offers Starting to Pick Up

As per usual, the time has come where the rising junior class is beginning to pick up offers with coaches being able to contact them now. Some of the biggest names are starting to pick up offers from high majors, while others are seeing their offers sheet grow with time. Here’s some that picked up offers since the season ended.

Cam Thomas: Oregon, Oklahoma, Penn State, UConn, Wake Forest, NC State

Mark Williams: NC State, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, Stanford, Penn State, Rutgers

Henry Coleman: Maryland, NC State, Clemson, Georgetown, Wake Forest, TCU, Florida, Ole Miss

Amir Nesbitt: VCU, Stony Brook, Bryant, JMU

Projects Starting to Show Improvement

Project big men are always tough to evaluate when they’re so young, but some of them are starting to show some promise here recently. Burke Smith of Trinity Episcopal in Richmond had a great spring playing with DC Premier, and will be playing his summer on 17U with Team Richmond Garner Road. Dowar Jioklow of Flint Hill has found his stride as a versatile big man and is playing with Team Takeover 16U, who is one of the best 16U teams in the country. Others that continue to blossom are Andre Screen of St. Stephen’s St. Agnes, Javohn John of Bishop Sullivan, Clarence Rupert of Maury and Gabe Jimerson of St. Christophers. It will be interesting to see in July who else has been working hard this summer and will be a project that could join this list of players.

Breakdown By Position

Guards: 44

Wings: 32

Bigs: 24

The Top 10

1) Jeremy Roach 6’1″ PG Paul VI Team Takeover 17U
2) Cam Thomas 6’4″ WG Oak Hill Academy Boo Williams 17U
3) Mark Williams 6’11” C Norfolk Academy Team Loaded VA 17U
4) Lynn Greer 6’2″ PG Oak Hill Academy Team Final 17U
5) Josh Hemmings 6’7″ WG Oak Hill Academy U Play
6) Henry Coleman 6’7″ WF Trinity Episcopal Team Loaded VA 17U
7) Darrick Jones 6’6″ WF Oak Hill Academy Team Loaded VA
8) Josiah Freeman 6’5″ WF Paul VI Team Takeover
9) Marchellus Avery 6’6″ F Life Christian The Dream
10) Ikechi Chantilou 6’4″ WG George Wythe The Dream