Posted On: 07/19/18 12:22 PM

The point guard crop in the rising Junior class is relatively weak compared to the other groups in the state. There is one point guard with a D1 offer but there may not be more than that in the class. Time will tell how good the 2020 point guard group can be. Here’s a look at the top ranked point guards in the class:

Dayvion McKnight, Collins (M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs) – Dayvion is one of the quickest players in the state with the ball in his hands. McKnight is very athletic and continues to improve as a shooter. Dayvion needs to get better at finishing with his right hand but that will come with his work ethic. As this class develops, Dayvion figures to be in contention to be the top player in the class until graduation

Amari Taylor, Tates Creek (Louisville Magic) – Truthfully I’m not sold on Amari as a point guard. I see him as more of a combo guard or even a two guard but a scout convinced me that point guard is ultimately his position at the next level. Taylor is a crafty scorer for a good Louisville Magic team and is likely to have the ball in his hands more this season at Tates Creek. If Amari keeps growing and developing he is going to wind up as a steal for someone at the college level in two years.

James Taylor, St. Xavier (The Ville 17u) – Taylor is a heady, high IQ point who is a pass first floor general. James is capable of scoring but is at his best with quality teammates around him to distribute to. He would benefit from a growth spurt in the next year or so but even if he doesn’t grow any more he could wind up as a low D1 player if he continues developing his game and improving as a shooter.

Dallas Rufus, Waggener (Louisville Legends) – Dallas continues to improve every time I see him play and could be ready for a breakout season for Waggener this year. Rufus is really good off the bounce and can catch and shoot but that is an area for improvement. Dallas plays the game with a mean streak and is super competitive. Some college coach is going to love him. The only question is how high of a ceiling Dallas has and if he can reach the D1 level.

Tyren Moore, Male (Louisville Magic) – Tyren is another guard who thrives with talent around him. He has had a great year running the show for the Louisville Magic and benefits with a lot of open looks when teams look to double team the three 7 footers that the Magic have. Moore is part of a really strong Junior class at Male that should push for the 7th region championship in 2019 and Tyren is going to have a chance to play college basketball after his career at Male ends.


Other Names to Know:

Nik Sorrell, Glasgow (Team Vision)

Jared Courtney, Franklin County (The Ville)

Lewis Richards, Ballard (The Ville)

Malachi Corley, Campbellsville

Chase Elmore, Central Hardin