Virginia Rankings

Posted On: 07/9/18 4:10 AM

We’re heading into the senior season of the 2019 class, one that we at Prep Hoops VA have had the pleasure of watching grow from when they were just freshmen. This class has seen new players come in, some players leave for programs outside of the state, and have seen some massive changes over the years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in July and August, and come time for the new season to start we’re sure there will be even more changes coming.

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down the rankings by positions and locations. With that being said, here’s a look at part one the wings in the Central and Western VA areas that we ranked in the 2019 rankings.

*Editors Note: These breakdowns are based on where the players play high school basketball at.

Zac Ervin | 6’5” WF | Gate City/B-Maze Elite (#7 Overall)

Zac Ervin

One of the best shooters in the state, Ervin has great size as a shooting wing and is an above average athlete that will finish above the rim with ease. He’s very strong, can play inside-out, rebounds well for a wing and has a toughness and competitiveness about him you can’t teach. The son of a legendary coach, Ervin has a great feel for the game, and an even better work ethic as he’s in the gym getting up shots all the time. He holds offers from a lot of low and mid major programs, and would be a perfect fit at that level and would come in with a good attitude, good academics and would be a kid who sets the right example by the way he works.

Julien Wooden | 6’6” WF | Northside/Team Loaded VA (#10 Overall)

Julien Wooden

One of the most under recruited guys on the east coast, Wooden has the ability to impact the game in so many different ways on both ends of the floor. He can defend multiple positions, handles it well enough to get the rim in transition and in the half court set and he has good length and athleticism. He’s an unselfish team player, and that’s part of the reason he doesn’t get recruited as highly as other guys who put up bigger numbers, but he will do whatever it takes to help his team win. He has all of the tools to be a mid major division one guy who will likely get better once he hits the college weight room.

Josh Hall | 6’6” WF | Oak Hill Red/Durham Hurricanes (#17 Overall)

Josh Hall

A very intriguing prospect that should pull in a lot of mid to high attention this summer, Hall has a great skill set on the offensive end for someone his size. He can dribble, shoot and pass the basketball, as he can create his own shot and create for others. His length allows him to finish above the rim and he can score from all three levels. He can guard on the perimeter or in the post, he rebounds well on both ends and can start the break or score in isolation situations. It’s unclear whether he’ll play for the red team or the elite team at Oak Hill, but he’s someone coaches should be all over if you’re looking for a versatile wing with good size.

DeArvae Heard | 6’3” WG | Miller School (#22 Overall)

DeArvae Heard

Heard isn’t great at anything particular, but he understands how to play and has a well rounded game. The 6’3″ guard can use his physical frame to bully smaller guards, he has the ability to create space and he attacks the glass on both ends of the floor. He can score in post ups and face ups from the midrange, and he can get points within a system whether plays are called for him or not. He knows how to play the game, and makes an impact on whatever team he’s on. He’ll be a serviceable player that can do a number of things at the next level.

Bryce Waterman | 6’5” WG | VES/NY Jayhawks (#25 Overall)

Bryce Waterman

Another high level shooter on this list, Waterman made an immediate impact at VES after transferring from upstate NY last year. A true two guard, he has a big frame, a quick release with a high follow through and supreme confidence in his shot. He has in the gym range and once he gets it going it’s very tough for teams to stop. He has to continue to improve his body, which looked much better this spring, but once he gets into a college weight room that should be no problem.

Daryl Anderson | 6’6” WF | Miller School/Team Loaded 804 (#37 Overall)

Daryl Anderson

Anderson is a long and versatile wing who can make shots from all over the court and has a toughness about him on the defensive end. He knows how to use his length to bother guys on the perimeter, and he’s someone with a good perimeter skill set on the offensive end. He can create his own shot from the top of the key, he makes shots from deep off the catch and he makes contested shots from both deep and from the midrange. He rebounds pretty well, and his ability to play and guard all over the floor is very impressive.

Moses Nuangki | 6’3” WG | Carlisle (#73 Overall)

A native of Australia, Nuangki came to Carlisle as a relatively unknown player but made his mark early and often with them. At 6’3”, he can play on and off the ball, and is best when he’s attacking the rim with the ball in his hands or as a cutter. He has great body control around the rim, creating space and finishing in traffic, and he’s a big athlete who can finish above the rim in transition. He also rebounds and defends well, and could be a scholarship level kid if he has a big summer and continues to improve his game.