Virginia Rankings

Posted On: 07/2/18 5:28 PM

We’re heading into the senior season of the 2019 class, one that we at Prep Hoops VA have had the pleasure of watching grow from when they were just freshmen. This class has seen new players come in, some players leave for programs outside of the state, and have seen some massive changes over the years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in July and August, and come time for the new season to start we’re sure there will be even more changes coming.

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down the rankings by positions and locations. With that being said, here’s a look at the ball handlers in the central and western part of VA that we ranked in the 2019 rankings.

*Editors Note: These breakdowns are based on where the players play high school basketball at.

Quinton Morton-Robertson | 5’7” PG | Radford/Team Winston (#40 Overall)

Quinton Morton-Robertson, Vantage Hoops

Forget about his size and you’ll love everything about this kid. He’s lightning quick and uses it on both ends of the floor as he turns ball handlers and jumps passing lanes, and he’ll also blow right by defenders and use his quickness to get in the paint and make plays for others. He finishes extremely well in the midrange and he’s a crafty and athletic finisher around bigger defenders in the paint. He can shoot the deep ball, and he’s a natural leader that won a state championship in his first two seasons in high school. He’s  an all around PG and a winner that will make someone happy who will overlook his height.

Chris Rogers | 5’11” PG | Blue Ridge/TRGR (#79 Overall)

Chris Rogers

Rogers is a hard nosed, blue collar point guard who lives in the gym and is a throwback kind of guard. He has a super tight handle, he’s able to run the pick-and-roll and get in the lane and he creates for others on his team. He has a motor that doesn’t stop and he’s an improved shotmaker from deep. He’s best when he’s surrounded by other talented players, as he’s able to get in the lane, he makes others better, he has a good understanding of concepts and plays and he’s a leader by example. His work ethic, grit and mentality makes him someone that coaches should love to have on their team.

Ian Lee | 6’0” PG | Mount Mission (#98 Overall)

Ian Lee

Lee is a guard who’s probably smaller than what he’s listed at at 6’0″, but he is crafty, smart and can make plays on the basketball. He changes pace well, he’s a high IQ lead guard who sets the tone on both ends of the floor and he can make tough shots over taller defenders. He has a steady kind of game where he doesn’t do too much but he’s also able to make big plays when you need him to. He understands the game, he makes open shots and he continually makes the right play and makes others better.

Xavier Kane | 6’1” G | Blue Ridge (#115 Overall)

Xavier Kane

Kane is a two sport star who will likely choose football as a quarterback, and you can see that in the way he plays basketball. He has tremendous vision, sees the game a few plays ahead and he’s adept at making plays at of nothing. On both ends of the floor he has good instincts, as he’ll jump passing lanes and is god in the press, and he also gets downhill where he can see the floor and make plays for others. Whatever sport he chooses, he’ll definitely have a chance to play in college.

Jalen Henderson | 6’2” G | Robert E. Lee (#125 Overall)

Henderson is a combo scoring guard with good athleticism and shot making abilities. He’s a streaky shooter from deep, but once he hits a couple it allows him to get in the lane and finish around the basket. He’s not a true point from a playmaking standpoint, but he can make shots off the bounce or play off the basketball as well. He has takeover ability, as he’s able to make tough shots and take over games as a result of getting hot. He scores in bunches and is able to help on the glass from the guard position.

Sam Wise | 6’4” G | Handley/EG Premier (#128 Overall)

The younger brother of Gus Wise, a 6’6” step out four that is heading to Washington & Lee, Sam Wise is going to play a huge role for Handley, and will have to do a lot for them if they’re going to make a run back to the state tournament. At 6’4”, Wise has good size to both play on and off the basketball, he has good vision in transition and he’s able to make plays for himself and others. When he gets in the lane he has the size to be able to score around the basket, and he can also his the open shot from deep. He’s a guy who will make plays for himself and others and can fit into a number of systems with his IQ on both ends.

Devon Russell | 5’11” G | Northside (#137 Overall)

Devon Russell

Russell is a tough as nails guard who makes as much of an impact on the defensive end as he does offensively. He can make shots and finish in traffic, but on the defensive end he digs in, getting after ball handlers and staying in help side to contest shots against players much taller than himself. He’s a two sport star and you can tell by looking at his athletic and compact frame, but you can also tell by the toughness he plays with. Whether or not he’s scoring the basketball, he gets after it on both ends and makes an impact in a positive way to help his team win basketball games.

Isaiah Donaldson | 5’11” PG | Salem/Coopz Hoops (#145 Overall)

Isaiah Donaldson

One of the best point guards in the Roanoke area, Donaldson is a sleeper of a lead guard that college coaches need to have on their radar. A quick guard off the bounce, he’s a tough driver who gets into the lane at will and is able to kick to shooters or use his strength to finish around the basket. He’s a decent shooter, but where he really excels is in transition. He has good end-to-end speed, he’s a compact guard who can ward off defenders and he sees the floor well. He’s also a good on ball defender and will help his bigs out on the glass.