2019 G Harlond Beverly talks move to Montverde, recruitment and more


Posted On: 07/3/18 4:43 PM

2019 point guard Harlond Beverly is fresh off a state championship as a junior.

The 6’4″, 180-pounder recorded 23 points, eight steals, seven rebounds, six blocks and four assists in the victory for Michigan Southfield Christian. He netted the first 11 points for his side in that state title game held at Michigan State.

Beverly made the decision to spend his senior season at Montverde. He will arrive on the campus on August 14.

“The move down to Montverde wasn’t for recruitment or getting noticed more at all. It was just for improvement, being more college ready as a freshman and playing against the best competition in practice and games.”

Beverly says he grew as a leader and shooter overall as a junior at Southfield Christian.

He currently holds 18 offers from Division I programs.

The list includes Buffalo, Minnesota, UF, Louisville, LaSalle, Oral Roberts, Texas, VCU, Northwestern, UNLV, Ohio State, Missouri, Detroit, Cleveland State, Eastern Michigan, Baylor, Michigan State and Arizona State.

In terms of the colleges in touch with Beverly on a daily basis, he pointed to Texas, Baylor, Michigan State, Ohio State, UF, Louisville and Xavier.

This summer, Beverley is running with REACH Legends. His team has gone 8-0 on the NY2LA circuit. This is his second year with the program and he says it is going very well.

He called his biggest strengths his size, IQ, athleticism and scoring ability.

A playmaking point guard, Beverly can carry a team, evident by his work up in Michigan in high school. He joins an always loaded Montverde squad under head coach Kevin Boyle. The environment there will only give Beverly a further edge when he gets to college in the fall of 2019.

Photo credit: The Detroit News