Posted On: 07/14/18 11:13 PM

While many 2019 guys stood out this weekend, there were a few who appeared to be more prepared to play at the college level than others. My criteria for this list is the ability to play at a college-level pace while remaining controlled and non-sporadic. Also, I consider what exceptional, well-developed assets and components these athletes possess to their game. These were the 17U guys that appeared the readiest to play college hoops based on the matchups I was able to watch.
Jahiem Cummings 2020 Arkansas Team Will guard
Cummings is a five-foot-ten point guard who plays fast, hustles, and does not hesitate when he shoots. He takes college-range threes off the dribble and only needs inches of space to launch one. He is a tough player to guard due to his ball-on-a-string handles. He makes sharp passes and can drive to the rim and finish when it is available.
Avery Taggart 2019 TEM Select Wing
At 6’4 Avery Taggart is a tall, wide player who does not appear to be as fast as he is at first glance. He is a vocal leader and has sneaky handles. His size will translate well at the next level. He can get space on defenders to score or move the ball around and makes crisp passes and takes smart shots. He also plays in top gear from tip to finish.
Cole Laurence 2019 TEM Select Post
Laurence is a 6’8 nightmare for opposing defenses. He is strong and plays very good defense. Laurence is a guy that good scorers will have difficulty scoring against. He is like a magnet for shots and will get blocks. On the offensive end, he is equally as difficult to defend, as he comes through the lane with authority and is a good finisher.
Jett Sternberger 2019 Game Changers Hoops Guard
Sternberger is college-ready for many reasons. He is one of the best prep shooters in Oklahoma on one end and a smart defender on the other. He also makes good decisions with the ball in his hands and will not be a risky ball-handler at the college level. Sternberger elevates the players around him and makes smart passes. All around, there are not many components of Sternberger’s game that are not exceptional.
Connor Deffebaugh 2019 Arkansas Wings Guard
Deffebaugh is a talented, all-around basketball player. He helps out at the 1-spot but may translate more as a two at the next level. He is visibly more athletic, explosive, and skillful than a lot of other guys on the floor. He brings the ball up the floor but also makes good cuts off-ball and ends up getting passes in the paint often. From there, he either takes the ball to the rim or get the ball in the hands of a shooter. He is a premier scorer who can get up and finish at the rim.
Mandell Campbell 2019 Arkansas Kings Post
At 6’8, Campbell is as big as he is explosive. He does not need a huge gather to get up, whether to put the ball in the hoop or to pull down a rebound. He has college-level speed and his a wingspan makes him a scary sight for offenses. He is really an intimidating athlete and can score on defenders at will. He is also an exceptional rebounder.