Posted On: 07/7/18 1:57 PM

A few athletes stood out on the first day of the Prep Hoops Finale in Oklahoma City on Friday. From the actions I was able to catch, here are the 14U players that stood out. 

Kayden Carter 2022 Synergy Wing/Post

Kayden Carter is a Wing/Post combo in the class of 2022 who plays with Oklahoma Synergy. Carter plays for Norman North (Norman, Okla.) during the school year. Carter is a strong, physical scorer and tenacious rebounder, who has the skill to score on most defenders in his class. 

Aiden Vaughn 2022 Synergy Guard

Oklahoma Synergy’s Aiden Vaughn also showcased his skill on Friday. Vaughn is a true Point Guard from Edmond Santa Fe High School in the class of 2022. Vaughn has good body control and basketball skill for his age. He is a slim body on the floor but makes up for his narrow frame with his speed, court vision, and ability to finish at the rim. 

Kevin Overton 2022 Team Griffin Guard

Team Griffin’s Kevin Overton is an unconventional guard. At 6’3”, the 2022, Midwest City, Okla.- native is one of the taller guards in 14U. However, when watching Overton’s ball-handling and shooting skills, it is easy to see why he plays there. If Overton continues to grow, he will likely play the two or possibly three spots in high school.

Jeremiah Johnson 2023 Team Griffin Guard

Johnson scored the ball well from all three levels at the Point. He has a nice handle of the rock and seems to be growing physically. He is going to be a player to watch. Johnson recently was held back, which will put him in the 2023 Class. He has a bright future on the court.

Jole Adkinson 2022 Nike ProSkills Oklahoma Wing

Nike ProSkills Oklahoma’s Jole Adkinson, a 2022 wing from Norman North (Norman, Okla.) stood out on Friday for his defensive vision. Adkinson is both athletic and intelligent enough to deceive passers and jump out to make tough steals. He also has the ability to pin defenders in tough positions on fast breaks and facilitate the ball to create easy layups. Additionally, Adkinson is quick and always prepared to make a heads-up play on the offensive end.

David Hunt 2022 Nike ProSkills Oklahoma Guard

David Hunt, still undecided on a high school, is a talented 2022 scorer for ProSkills Oklahoma. Hunt is above-average in terms of pure athleticism and can move around well. Hunt also passes the ball well and makes good moves from off-ball. Hunt has the potential to burst onto the Oklahoma Preps scene in the next couple off-seasons.

Brady Hughes 2022 KC Pacers

Hughes scored the ball well for the Pacers from all three levels. His shot is still developing. One thing you really loved from his game is the fearless attitude he has when attacking the basket. He also brought great energy to the floor.

Teagun Jordan 2022 OKC Swarm Wing

OKC Swarm’s Teagun Jordan is a 2022 wing from Newcastle High School (Newcastle, Okla.). Jordan shoots the ball well, burying more 3-pointers than anybody else I saw today. Jordan can consistently drain spot-up shots and can be a green-light shooter at the high school level. Jordan also isn’t afraid to get inside and get to the basket when needed.

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