Wichita Sports Forum Summer League Standouts (Wings/Bigs)

High School

Posted On: 06/29/18 6:21 PM

With a few different high school summer leagues happening in the month of June, I was able to get out and about a bit and get a glimpse of what this fall would bring our area for high school hoops. Here are some wings and bigs who stood out in the month of June at the Wichita Sports Forum summer league.

Jarin Koehler (2019)- El Dorado High School

From week one at the summer league at the Wichita Sports Forum, Jarin was impressive. The 6’6” wing can do just about anything you need him to on the court, making him an extremely valuable asset.

Jarin proved to be a high IQ player, typically making the right decisions in transition or the halfcourt as he can lead the break or play point for his high school team.

He can shoot the ball or get into the paint, finishing in traffic or using his good vision to distribute to teammates. Piggybacking on he high IQ notion, he will put a smaller player on the block if the opposing team makes a switch to limit his effectiveness driving to the basket.

Keenan Miller (2019)- Wichita South High School

I’ve seen Keenan a few times with his AAU team, River City and in June he has continued to do what he has been doing in late Spring.

Keeping his defenders honest with his three-point shooting ability, Keenan then often uses a pump fake and quick first step to get into the paint and finish around defenders. He did this a number of times with success.

The 6’4” wing is constantly running the floor, making plays in transition and putting pressure on the defense to sprint back. I think Keenan really becomes an even bigger asset when his decision-making is cleaned up a bit.

There were times that it took just a split second too long to make a decision and led to turnovers in week 1.

Zac Burton (2019)- Augusta High School

Zac has big game potential in his arsenal, hosting a solid jumper and the ability to drive it and finish at the paint showing good touch around the rim.

He has good body control when driving the ball and has a good burst of speed off the catch. Looking forward to Zac’s senior year after a solid junior season at Augusta.

Zach Davidson (2020)- Augusta High School

Following the departure of Jonny Clausing, Augusta has big shoes to fill down low and it seems as if Zach will be their answer.

While Zach is 6’7”, mobile, and has good top speed down the court, he still needs to find his rhythm and flow after some health issues sidelined him for an his entire first year of high school.

Cameron Clausing (2019)- El Dorado High School

Speaking of Jonny Clausing, his cousin Cameron Clausing, is poised for a standout year in El Dorado this year. While he doesn’t come with the size that his cousin does, he is an effective post player himself.

He has the ability to score with his back to the basket with good footwork and post moves on the block. He also will run the floor and has the hands to catch the ball while on the move in transition and finish.

Pretty high motor on Cameron which allows him to be an effective rebounder and he showed that he can step out a bit and knock down mid-range jumpers.

Isaiah Maikori (2021)- Andover High School 

Isaiah mostly played freshman and JV last year for Andover but looked as if he can contribute at the varsity level during June.

Isaiah has an athletic frame who will continue to fill out as he gets older and is already a tough young man. He crashes the boards hard and capitalizes on second chance opportunities.

He seems to be in the right place at the right time and played hard every possession of the game.