Posted On: 06/29/18 6:13 PM

With a few different high school summer leagues happening in the month of June, I was able to get out and about a bit and get a glimpse of what this fall would bring our area for high school hoops. Here are some guards who stood out in the month of June at the Wichita Sports Forum Summer league.

Jack Johnson (2021)- Andover High School 

Jack has progressed since I’ve seen him last which ironically was his first varsity game against Maize High School. He has a lot more confidence off the dribble and is becoming a legitimate scoring threat at multiple levels.

Defensively, he has very active/quick hands which pays dividends at times in forcing turnovers but depending on how the game is called, it can lead to foul trouble pretty easily as well.

Malik Storey (2020)- Wichita South High School

Malik pushes the pace of the game and plays at a next level speed at one point had the ball inside the opponents three point line after a make before the defense was even set.

He is a very active guard who has a great motor that allows him to be a factor on the boards although only standing around 6 feet.

Andrew Gagnon (2019)- Andover High School

Andrew had a great year last year for Andover at the point guard position for Andover as he can put up points numerous ways for the Trojans.

He uses his body well in the paint, getting a fair share of bully buckets in the paint and his shot from beyond the arc looked alive and well this June also.

Andrew also does a good job of making quick decisions whether it’s setting a teammate up for a play or making something happen on his own. A quality that will translate well to the next level.

Jaren Jackson (2020)- Augusta High School

Jaren is a very active guard for Augusta on offense and defense. He did a good job of jumping passing lanes to create turnovers and has the ability to finish in transition.

Jaren is a smaller guard who uses his quickness to make things happen and has a quick release on his jump shot, being a threat to score or make plays for his teammates.

Jaren is also a baseball standout at Augusta High school as well.

Isaiah Collins (2020)- Wichita South High School

Isaiah is another guard for South that can dictate the pace of the game with his quickness and motor. Don’t let the 5’8” listing fool you as he is about 180 pounds and strong.

His quickness and strength makes him a threat in the paint and he showed good decision making particularly in transition. His activity on defense opens up opportunities for him and his team in transition as South is an athletic team who loves to get into the open court.