Westover Team Camp C/O 2020 Standouts

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/24/18 7:54 PM

EE Smith HS 2020 Guard Jamel Carter: One of the new additions to the group, he is still getting comfortable with this team. Mid-range scoring was the area of his game that he was the most productive, knocked down shot at a nice rate.

New Life Christian 2020 Wing Reggie Raynor: One of the better athletes at the event, he spends quite a bit of time making plays above the rim. He has improved nicely over the last year and will only get better if he continues to perfect on some things fundamentally, should have a nice July period.

New Life Christian 2020 Guard Phil Martin Jr: One of the premier shooters in the state, Phil is a player that will make you pay if you don’t pick him up early and often. In the Semi-Final round he really caught fire and knocked down at least six three point shots to help the team move on to the next round, D2 programs should be keeping a close eye on him.

New Life Christian 2020 Reggie Walton: If you like players that bring a very high level of intensity, then you’re going to be a fan of what he brings to the table. He’s constantly talking, getting his team hyped up and communicating with other on the court. Offensively he scored the ball well especially in the championship game, while defensively he got after it as well, constantly applying pressure to the opposition, fresh off an offer from Mars Hill University, Walton seems to be refreshed.

Westover HS 2020 Forward Traymond Willis-Shaw: Each time we have seen him this summer, he has played better than the time before. Throughout the days that we saw him he not only scored the ball efficiently but also had his passing skills on display, it seems as if he is turning the corner in his development and the game is slowing down for him. The combination of height and long wingspan to go with his skillset is going to be the reason that his phone will be blowing up with college coaches over the next few years.