VIDEO: Introducing Jalen Qualls (2021)


Posted On: 06/25/18 2:45 PM

Ranked wing Jalen Qualls (Stratford High) performed rather well over the weekend.  Most of the players on Team Tae/FlightBoyz 15u have legitimate college basketball aspirations.  What separates Qualls from his teammates is his height.  At 6-foot-3, Jalen Qualls athletically looks like a wing already.  Most early high school basketball players are significantly too short for their ultimate position.  Qualls is not.

Jalen Qualls runs with Team Tae FlightBoyz 15u and plays off the ball.  Qualls doesn’t scream for the basketball, but generally converts when he gets touches.  On a team largely compose of slashers Jalen Qualls is a combination of slasher and shooter.

Get to know Jalen with this introductory interview.