2019 Utah

Posted On: 06/17/18 6:29 PM

The 2019 class is solid. While top tier depth is not as high as many other states, there are plenty of college potential prospects. In general, this group shoots it well and is fundamentally sound with good length. Below is a breakdown on the class of 2019.

Utah 2019 Rankings Update Breakdown: Strengths


Jeremy DowDell and Tyson Garff lead a group of elite level shooters. Both can shoot in catch and shoot situations as well as off of the dribble. In addition to these knock down shooters, Taylor Zwick and Matt Normon are elite level shooters who played extremely well this past weekend at an in-state tournament. Further, Isaac Johnson is a big man who can extend the court as well as any prospect in the state.

This group features a number of shooters who can extend the court and make defense quite difficult for opposing teams. The ability to space the floor makes it tough on help side defenders.


The class of 2019 has good size and length. A couple of the more lengthy prospects that college coaches have on their radars are the following: Isaac Johnson, Matt Van Komen, Bernardo De Silva, Tyrese Samuel, Collin Jeppson, and Dyson Frank.

In addition to these big men, Tre Williams and Jaxon Pollard have good length at the guard spots. This classes size and skill set makes them intriguing at a number of college levels. The aforementioned prospects all have NCAA Division-I interest to an extent.

Size and shooting has become the trend at the next level. More and more coaches are buying into positionless basketball as well as putting shooters on the court to space it. This group can maximize the 3 point line and bring good size.


There are a number of top tier prospects in this group who are tough. Further, they have prospects who bring their football mentality onto the basketball court.

Some of these top prospects include Puka NacuaRai Tiniaurii, and Brigg Willard. All three of these prospects are talented basketball players and extremely skilled football prospects. They bring a lot of toughness to the court which aids their respective teams greatly.

Unlike many other states, many of Utah’s top prospects play football as well as basketball. This trend has wavered in many places as athletes are starting to specialize more and more. These guys have a lot of success in both.

Utah 2019 Rankings Update Breakdown: Weaknesses

Top Tier Depth

Utah players are some of the best shooters and most fundamentally sound prospects in the nation. However, a number of the prospects on this list are limited by their overall athleticism. While they are extremely talented high school prospects, their ceilings are not as high as others around the nation due to athletic limitations. This is one of the reasons that a lot of the top prospects go the NCAA Division II or NAIA route and have a lot of success.

With that said, there are a number of great athletes in this classification. One of the top athletes in the group is Majok Kuath. His length and athleticism has aided him in drawing a lot of attention, but his motor can raise questions. In addition to Kuath, Bernardo De Silva  has a high ceiling as well. He is a good athlete with length and skill.