Updated 2019 Rankings: Richmond Area Guards

High School

Posted On: 06/28/18 12:56 PM

We’re heading into the senior season of the 2019 class, one that we at Prep Hoops VA have had the pleasure of watching grow from when they were just freshmen. This class has seen new players come in, some players leave for programs outside of the state, and have seen some massive changes over the years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in July and August, and come time for the new season to start we’re sure there will be even more changes coming.

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down the rankings by positions and locations. With that being said, here’s a look at the Richmond area ball handlers we ranked in the 2019 rankings.

*Editors Note: These breakdowns are based on where the players play high school basketball at.

Levar Allen | 6’0” PG | John Marshall/Team Loaded VA (#39 Overall)

Levar Allen

A bully of a guard, Allen is a bowling ball in the lane but he also has finesse to his game with the ball in his hands. He can get his defender on his hip and keep him there, then get into the lane where he can finish with either hand or find shooters on a kick out. He’s surprisingly explosive for his size and he uses it to get on the glass on both ends, and if he can get his weight down a little and get a consistent jump shot he should be a solid piece to recruit in the backcourt.

Loginn Norton | 5’11” G | James River/TRGR (#59 Overall)

Loginn Norton

Norton has the uncanny ability to knock down shots from deep at a consistent clip, and with that he’s extremely dangerous on the court. He’s always looking for his shot, whether he’s on or off the basketball, and whether he’s hot or not he’s always a threat to knock the next one down. He has great looking form, he can create space off the bounce and he can shoot it in transition or in the half court. He’s a guy who uses his ability to make shots to attack closeouts and create for himself or others as well.

Corbin Slayton | 5’11” G | LC Bird/Team Loaded 804 (#75 Overall)

Corbin Slayton

A combo guard who works best coming off of dribble handoffs and ball screens, Slayton has the natural ability to score the basketball in a number of ways by creating his own shot. He knows how to create space to get his pull up off, he can finish around the basket even against taller defenders and he can hit the deep ball off of the catch. He’s wired to go so when he’s put in the situation to do so he does it really well, and once he gets going he can be very dangerous. He’s a guy that works well whether he’s starting or coming off the bench in a sixth man role because of his ability to get hot quickly and score it in bunches.

Aubrey Merrit | 6’’0” PG | John Marshall/Team Loaded 804 (#94 Overall)

Merrit really came on as the season went on for John Marshall, as he provided an option as a ball handler, playmaker and defender off the bench. He easily could have been a starter, but he accepted his role and did a great job, especially in the playoffs, making plays for others. He has a tight handle and is a flashy but productive playmaker, he has a good middle game with a number of floaters and finishes and he sits down and guards the basketball. He has a somewhat awkward, but effective, game at the point guard position.

William Steger | 5’6” PG | Amelia Academy (#129 Overall)

William Steger

At only 5’6”, Steger can flat out score the basketball when gets it going. Off the bounce, he can shoot it from deep, he can turn the corner on the pick and roll and he can stop on a dime and shoot the pull up. He has somewhat of a little man’s complex, as he’ll attack bigger defenders in the paint and find contact to get to the line or finish in the paint. He’s the definition of a scoring point guard.

Teon Tiller | 5’8” PG | Thomas Jefferson/RVA Elite (#140 Overall)

Tiller made some noise this year at Thomas Jefferson, putting up some big scoring numbers as the go-to guy for the Vikings as a junior. He plays with good pace, he gets in the lane and he has good end-to-end speed with the ball in his hands. One of his best attributes is his ability to find contact and find ways to get to the free throw line, where he shoots a very high percentage from. He finds a way to score, especially when his team needs him to.

Isaiah Richardson | 5’8” PG | Meadowbrook (#147 Overall)

Richardson wasn’t expected to have the kind of year that he did as a junior, but he stepped in as a rock at the point guard spot and will continue to have his role grow moving forward. He’s a small guard who gets under ball handlers, he gets in the lane and stays low with the basketball and he has a great middle game with a number of floaters. He’s a guy who’s a dual threat that can score and distribute, and he has a toughness factor about him to where if he gets knocked down he’s going to get back up every time.