Prep Hoops Virginia

Posted On: 06/27/18 8:41 PM

We’re heading into the senior season of the 2019 class, one that we at Prep Hoops VA have had the pleasure of watching grow from when they were just freshmen. This class has seen new players come in, some players leave for programs outside of the state, and have seen some massive changes over the years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in July and August, and come time for the new season to start we’re sure there will be even more changes coming. Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down the rankings by positions and locations. With that being said, here’s a look at the 757 ball handlers we ranked in the 2019 rankings. Chase Coleman | 5’8” PG | Maury/Boo Williams (#21 Overall) Chase Coleman Coleman may be on the smaller end, but there aren’t many point guards on this list that have the throwback kind of impact that he does. From the jump you can see his natural feel for the game, his ability to see the floor and make others better and his ability to set the tone on both ends. He gets under ball handlers and makes them uncomfortable, he has good end-to-end speed and he has a toughness about him you can’t teach. Someone is going to get a steady four year guard if they can overlook his height and see the overall impact he makes on the game. Ashley James | 6’2” G | Green Run/Team Loaded 757 (#31 Overall) Ashley James A two way guard with good size that can play on or off the ball, James’ makes a big impact on the game whether he’s scoring it well or not. He gets downhill and is very slippery around the basket, as he can contort his body to avoid defenders and finish around the basket. Defensively he shines, as he loves guarding the basketball, he jumps passing lanes and he makes the opposition uncomfortable at all times on the court. He’s a stat sheet stuffer that also helps his team by rebounding and keeping plays alive, while also winning 50-50 balls. Kendall Bynum | 5’11” PG | Western Branch/BWSL Russell (#45 Overall) Kendall Bynum Bynum may be a smaller guard but his moxy and poise is something serious. At 5’11”, he isn’t an explosive athlete, but he’s smooth with the ball in his hands, has good feel and he makes plays when his team needs him to especially in crunch time. He’s exceptional at creating space off the bounce, has a solid pull up and he knows how to create shots for himself and others at all three levels. He has a fundamental understanding of the game on both ends and he knows how to get to his spots for himself. Caleb Dawkins | 6’2” G | Grassfield/Team Loaded 757 (#47 Overall) Caleb Dawkins One of the best shooters on this list, Dawkins is starting to round his game out and becoming an impact player in a number of ways. He’s really good off the basketball because of his ability to shoot it from deep, but he can also be used as a secondary ball handler and can make shots off the catch and off the bounce from deep. He finds his way to the free throw line, scores it in bunches when he gets it going and he’s also an exceptional on ball defender. His ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor makes its hard to take him off the floor, especially when he gets it going from deep. Tim Montgomery | 5’10” PG | Princess Anne/Team Loaded 757 (#50 Overall) Tim Montgomery A throwback pass first point guard, Montgomery thrives in transition where he can push the basketball and find guys running the floor or find shooters on kick outs. He changes pace well and keeps defenders at bay with his body, he can stop on a dime for a pull-up and he has a great middle game with his floaters. He’s a tone setter on both ends, and a true floor general that sees the game a couple of plays ahead of others. Bryan Phillips | 6’1” G | Maury/BWSL Russell (#56 Overall) Bryan Phillips One of the most physically imposing guards in the rankings, Phillips is a guy who gets downhill and can cuff it like a running back on the way to the basket, and you better get out of his way. He has good end-to-end speed, defends on and off the ball well and he’s able to use his upper body strength to finish through defenders at the rim. He’s a scoring point who needs the ball in his hands and needs to play fast so he can get downhill, but once he gets it going he’s able to get in the lane at will and he finishes through traffic well. He has a toughness about him that you can’t really teach. Jaylin Stewart | 6’0” PG | Walsingham/TRGR (#62 Overall) Another bully of a guard, Stewart had an unbelievable run in the TCIS this year leading Walsingham to the championship. The 6’0” guard is especially dangerous because he can do so much on and off the basketball. He can shoot the pull up from midrange and from deep, he can get downhill and finish or get to the line and he has good vision when the defense collapses. He also knows how to use his frame to rebound from the guard position, giving his team an extra body on the glass. Briquan Harrell | 6’0” G | Oscar Smith (#64 Overall) Briquan Harrell He’s likely going to be a football player in college, but Harrell has the ability to put it on the deck and make shots at a high clip on the basketball court as well. He has a very strong upper body, great form on his jump shot and he’s athletic enough to elevate over defenders off the bounce and knock it down. He’s able to get in the paint with the ball in his hands and he works well off the ball as well. He’s a good athlete and a tough shot maker. Kavon James | 5’10” G | Cox/BWSL Russell (#74 Overall) Kavon James If we want to talk about shot makers, James is one of the best in the state even at just 5’10”. He has in the gym range and isn’t afraid to show it, as he’ll just keep backing up as the defenders try to deny him off the ball. He has a lightning quick release and great form from the feet to the release, and he has supreme confidence in his shot no matter what time the game is. He’s the definition of a lights out guy and he will punish you from deep.