Underclassmen : Clarendon County

South Carolina

Posted On: 06/6/18 9:55 AM

Prep Hoops keeps up its travels through the Palmetto State. Next stop Clarendon County. Clarendon County host Clarendon Hall, East Clarendon HS, Laurence Manning Academy, Manning HS and Scott’s Branch HS. Lets take a look at some of the Underclassmen here.

Traveon Davis

Traveon Davis (2020) – Clarendon Hall (Summerton)

Davis recently transferred into Clarendon Hall for next season. Davis played the past few seasons at Lake Marion HS. Davis a ultra athletic wing plays on the AAU circuit with Upward Stars Southeast 2020. Davis really excels in the up-tempo style of play and has the ability to stalk the baseline at will. Davis averaged 8.5 ppg last season for the Gators.


Zyan Gilmore

Zyan Gilmore (2020) – Clarendon Hall (Summerton)

SCORER – Gilmore led the state last season in scoring after coming over from nearby Lake Marion HS. Gilmore averaged 28.4 ppg last season for the SCISA 1A program. Gilmore will get some help this season with the addition of Davis to the roster. Gilmore is a gamer for hi size and really wants the ball during crunch times.

Tyrese Mitchum

Tyrese Mitchum (2020) – Clarendon Hall (Summerton)

Mitchum is the older brother of Horton here at Clarendon Hall. Mitchum has no true position on the floor and is just a blue collar kid that brings a football mentality to the hardwood. Mitchum excels on the gridiron as running back for the 8-man Saints. Mitchum averaged 12.9 ppg and 6.3 rebounds last season.

Mitchum amassed 1,191 yards on 134 carries and 20 touchdowns last season on the football field.

Tyjhai Calvin (2020) – East Clarendon HS (Turbeville)  (pictured on front) 

Calvin is one of the best point guards that nobody has ever heard of maybe outside of Clarendon County. Calvin protects the ball and never seems to force anything on the floor. Calvin has a strong frame – football body. Calvin averaged 12 ppg and 4.3 rebounds last season. Calvin directs traffic on the floor and always seems to be in charge.

Jalen Bryant

Jalen Bryant (2020) – East Clarendon HS (Turbeville)

Bryant plays off the ball for the Wolverines. Bryant 5’10 averaged 10.1 ppg last season. Bryant is a slasher deluxe to the basket. Bryant is very hesitant to shoot the ball on the perimeter.

Corey Graham

Corey Graham (2021) – Manning HS

Graham 6’2 is a man child already and plays with a great mean streak while on the floor. Graham saw great minutes last season for the Monarchs where he averaged 9.5 ppg as a freshman. Graham prefers to attack the basket and rebounds the ball very well from the guard spot. Graham plays AAU with Upward Stars Southeast 2021.

Word on the street is Graham might be playing football this season for the Monarchs.

Kylic Horton

Kylic Horton (2022) – Clarendon Hall (Summerton)  

Horton averaged 14 ppg this past season for the Saints as 8th grader. Horton 6’4 is just 14 years old currently. Horton has a great long wingspan and plays strictly on the perimeter. Horton defends the passing lanes very well and needs to learn on how to finish on contact better for the future.

Tariq Coard – Scott’s Branch HS (Summerton) 

Coard is a name I have seen a lot about but have yet to see him play with my own 2 eyes. Coard could be the future for the Eagles.

Will have to see what Laurence Manning Academy brings to the table this off season. Prep Hoops should see the Swamp Cats sometime this month during out travels throughout the Palmetto State.