UNCP Team Camp Standout Players

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/18/18 10:51 AM

Westover 2020 F Traymond Willis Shaw: The long and lanky forward showed just how good he can possibly be on this day. He scored the ball, blocked shots, ran the floor, and finished above the rim, at this point we see him as a high d2/low d1 type of prospect, if he continues to work, he can possibly have quite a few schools coming after him before it’s all said and done.

Westover HS 2019 Guard Thomas Hendricks: This is the year that they will need him to step up the most, he can shoot the ball well from deep and does a nice job of defending without fouling. Last year he shot the ball well from deep and we were pleased to see him do the same thing this season, for Westover to be successful they will need an efficient season from him.

Westover HS 2019 Guard Te’andre Walton: The attributes I like about him the most are his toughness and the motor that he plays with, he doesn’t take plays off and really gives it everything he has when he steps on the court.

Knightdale HS 2020 Guard Isaiah Griffin: Plenty to like about what he brings to a team, he can score the ball at a nice level and understands how to play through contact. At 6’4 with nice guard skills, he is one that should be able to transition to the next level without much problem.

Scotland County HS 2020 Wing Kris Mclean: With the teams leading scorer missing for most of the day, he was called on to provide some more offense for the team. He scored the ball inside the paint, as well as mid range, showed some flashes of how good he can be.

71st HS 2019 Forward Jaden Scriven: He plays the game in a physical manner but also has the ability to face up and make plays against all types of defenders. Rebounding wise, he is a dominant player on the boards, he finds bodies early and makes sure to box out every time a shot goes up, D2s should be watching.