UNCP Team Camp Standout Players: Part 2

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/18/18 10:47 AM

71st HS 2019 Guard Demauriea Nickelson: Last season he didn’t get a huge amount of time but we got the chance to see what he could do during the AAU season. He has good height for a guard and has shown the ability to score as well as defend at a high level, will need a big time summer and good season in high school to see his stock rise.

Northwood Temple 2019 Wing Brandon Franklin: The first thing that will catch your attention about him is the fact that he’s 6’8 with the ability to shoot the deep ball. He didn’t have his best day shooting and we would love to see him attack the basket more often , however the potential he has is clear without a doubt.

Northwood Temple 2020 Guard Jamahri Harvey: Recently he reclassed and will be a player that could see his stock rise and if he locks in and does what we know he can truly do. At 6’4 with a nice long wingspan and athletic ability, it’s pretty clear what he can bring to the table, scoring wise when he has it going he is a player that is difficult for many to contain.

Northwood Temple 2020 Forward Travon Jackson: The motor and athletic ability that he has is what gets the attention of the college coaches almost immediately, he blocks shots, finishes above the rim and gives max effort when defending players that may be taller than him.

Whiteville HS 2019 Forward/Center Cameron Richardson: At 6’5 with a strong frame, he has the build that allows him to play the game the way he likes to. Rebounding and finishing inside was where we saw him make his highest impact, he constantly battled inside and did not allow any easy buckets.

Grays Creek HS 2019 Forward Antonio Dupree: If there was a player that we would have given the MVP for his tean in this event, it would’ve been this young man. He did a bit of everything for his squad, scoring, rebounding, defending and blocking shots, he will be one to keep a close eye on during his senior season.

Grays Creek HS 2019 Guard Trevor Thomas: He was unable to stay throughout the entire day as he is a player that is highly depended on for his football team, he can score the ball but also does a very nice job of running the offense while keeping his turnovers low.