UMSL Team Shootout (Top Wings)

High School

Posted On: 06/13/18 6:20 AM

Here is a look at the top wing players from last weekends University of Missouri-St. Louis Team Shootout:

Ben Cooper 6’2″ Helias ’19: Coop put on an impressive display of offense in the Crusaders’ three games, which were all victories. He looked very smooth as he got buckets all day. He is an accomplished shooter from long distance, but he displayed his all-around scoring chops at UMSL. He was excellent at creating shots off the dribble as he knocked down mid-range jumpers, floaters and layups from different angles. He proved that he is more than just a shooter, but a bucket-getter.

Jaron Thames 6’5″ Trinity ’19: The smooth wing played displayed his fine all-around offensive skills from the mid-range throughout the day. Now, he has a reliable 3-point stroke to go along with it, which makes him a more formidable offensive weapon. In a close game against Webster Groves, he knocked down back to back 3-pointers from the left wing to open up the game in the closing moments. He has good handles, attacks the basket and does a good job of finding the open man with his passing.

A’Tavian Butler 6’2″ McCluer North ’19: The explosive wing player was his normal difficult matchup self during the day. His athleticism and slashing ability made him very hard to keep out of the lane as he finished with ease. He scored on layups and shot jumpers on the regular, plus he is one of the best rebounding guards in the state, especially at the offensive end. When he was open and got his feet set, he also knocked down a couple of 3-pointers, which was something I hadn’t seen before.

Ari Jackson 6’4″ CBC ’19: A thick-bodied wing player who is a very skilled bucket-getter. He is a knock down shooter from 3-point range whether he is coming off the screens on the move or on the catch. He was also very good in iso situations where he can size up his defender and create an offensive opportunity for himself.

Ray Adams 6’3″ Webster Groves ’19: The sweet shooting Adams displayed his nice stroke from 3-point range throughout theĀ  Statesmen’s three games. He has also developed some nice dribble moves to create separation and make some mid-range jumpers. He is also impressive when moving without the ball and scoring on cuts to the basket.

Terrell Cannamore 6’3″ Roosevelt ’19: An athletic combo wing player who does a multitude of things for his team to succeed. He is a potent scorer as a slasher, offensive rebounder and in the transition game. He has the ball in his hands and he displayed the ability to make create plays for his teammates. He is also one of the top football prospects in the state as a big wide receiver.

Schuyler Pimentel 6’1″ Riverview Gardens ’20: The thin lefty wing player had an impressive camp as he got buckets from a variety of spots. He was a creative slasher on the move and he knocked down a number of 3-pointers on the day. I liked the confidence he played without during the three games as he led the Rams to three victories.

Marcus Anthony 6’1″ Helias ’20: An impressive young shooting guard with good athleticism and a strong offensive skill set. He attacked the basket for some good finishes and knocked down 3-pointers as well. He is also a very good rebounder and has the ability to be an excellent defensive player.