Triad First 48 Standout Players: Team Mullis

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/7/18 5:21 PM

Greensboro Day 2019 PG Austin Inge: He knows how to play the game at a nice level and is a player that makes ”winning” plays on a regular basis. With a high IQ and an unselfishness about him that you have to love, he is the type of PG that can run a team for just about any HS program in the state.

West Forsyth 2020 Guard Jay Mitchell: Had a solid showing throughout the day, has the ability to score the ball from all three levels as well as getting after it on the defensive end. One of the things that I liked about him was how well he picked his spots on the floor, he could pretty much get his shot off whenever he wanted due to his high elevation on his jumper. However he didn’t force things and played within the flow of the game and whatever his team needed.

West Forsyth 2019 Wing Ryan Ayers: Has a nice skillset overall, good size for a wing and can shoot the ball well. He plays the game at his own pace and is hardly ever standing still on the court,  One of the more impressive plays he made was a one leg fade away jumpshot , with his size it’s a tough move to try and defend.

North Davidson 2019 Guard Themus Folks :Very high energy guard who constantly was making plays for himself and others. He’s a guard that is smaller in height but does not back down from any challenge. Just about each game he played, he had a high number of steals and assist.

North Davidson 2019 Forward RJ Yokely: Does a nice job of rebounding the ball and finishing in the paint, One of the things that you have to like about his game is the fact that he understands how to use his height. Once he gets the ball inside he keeps it high so that smaller defenders can’t swipe at it for steals.

West Stokes 2020 Guard Elan Muniz: Does a good job of moving without the ball, he showed his ability to knock down three point shots at a higher rate. Also is a player that seems to do whatever his team needs to win, unselfish and a quiet young man on the court that looks to get the job done.

Westridge Academy 2019 Caleb Burgess: Very smooth player that can do a little bit of everything on the floor. He can shoot the ball from deep, penetrates well , defends at a high level and is a very gifted passer . The confidence that he plays the game with is infectious as we saw his confidence rub off on the rest of his teammates throughout the day

RJ Reynolds 2019 Mysta Goodloe: Long wingspan, athletic , knows how to score the ball in bunches, if he wasn’t scoring the ball he was forcing defenders into fouling him. During the high school season he was named Player of The Year in his conference and he showed why throughout the day, very talented youngster.

North Davidson 2021 Jamarien Dalton: One of the more unselfish players that we saw throughout the entire day, he passed up on his own shots on a regular basis so that he could set up teammates. Many times at showcase events you see guys looking to get their own offense going but he was the opposite, taking on the facilitator role.