Top Rebounders: Portland State Team Camp


Posted On: 06/27/18 3:00 PM

Team camp took place on the campus of Portland State University as some of the state’s top 6A squads came and competed in games at the brand new Viking Pavilion at the Stott Center. There were plenty of rebounds to be grabbed that weekend and here are the top five rebounders we observed in attendance:

Oreon Courtney (2019 West Linn HS) – West Linn doesn’t have a lot of pure size, but Courtney is able to grab rebounds even at the smaller size of 6-foot-3 because of his length, athleticism, and willingness to put in effort. He grabbed boards on both ends, and utilized his quickness to go and get rebounds outside of his area. Some of the offensive rebounds helped lead to easy second chance points. There are very few players with his type of athletic ability to go up and get the ball and he grabbed near double-figure rebounds in every game.

Kamron Robinson (2021 Jefferson HS) – Granted, at 6-foot-7, 250-pounds, Robinson was easily the biggest player at camp, so it was hard to keep him off the boards based on his massive size alone. But Robinson took nothing for granted and fought hard for rebounds, often using his arms to tip the ball to keep it active before he could use his hands to make the grab.  A good amount of the points he scored during the weekend were off offensive rebounds.

Fred Harding (2019 Lake Oswego HS) – Harding has the height at 6-foot-7, but it’s his willingness to get down dirty and physical in the paint that makes him an effective rebounder. Granted several of his rebounds are due to getting his own missed shots, but the effort is there and in one game after grabbing an offensive board, he went up strong and dunked it through with authority.

Nate Rawlings-Kibonge (2021 Jefferson HS) – Similar to Robinson, Rawlings-Kibonge was able grab boards based on his sheer size at 6-foot-6. But in addition to his height, Rawlings-Kibonge also has an incredible wingspan that allows him to snare the ball before it even gets into the range of others. He was especially dangerous on the offensive glass which allowed him to get some easy putbacks.

Trevon Richmond (2019 Jefferson HS) – We mentioned this in the top breakout performers, but Richmond – at all of six feet – was one of the top rebounders at camp and simply had a nose for the ball, often flying in from seemingly nowhere for the board, especially on the offensive end. It’s doing the little things like that where it will be hard to keep him off the court this season.