Top Prospects at West Tenn Showcase (Morning)


Posted On: 06/30/18 1:34 PM


Coach Josh Weeden put together a West Tenn Showcase Saturday June 30th in Jackson, Tennessee.

Saturday morning included a scrambled hodge-hodge of barely-awake basketball in West Tennessee.  After the teenagers woke up a few talents emerged. Patriot Elite 17u destroyed a Cobras Elite squad to open the event.

Below you will find some of the top performers from the morning session.

Dontae Williamson | 6’6” SF | Patriot Elite 2019







In a ragtag opener Dontae Williamson was the most gifted player on the floor.  Williamson runs the floor ok, but his redeeming qualities are handle at 6-foot-6 and shooting touch.  Look for Williamson to have a strong senior season at Sacred Heart (Jackson).

Davon Barnes| 6’3” PG | Team Thad  2021







Davon Barnes looked quicker and more spry than he was just three months ago.  As a big-bodied guard he needs to move his feet to be serviceable.  Saturday morning Barnes certainly did that.  He easily kept pace with a difficult Hoop City 15u team. Barnes’ shooting touch makes him a dangerous player to defend.

Alex Anderson | 6’6” WG | Team Thad 2021







Alex Anderson is the eighth best player in the state, but for him that is not enough.  He and his teammates believe he is the best.  Alex keeps getting more and more nimble.  Watching him handle the basketball suggests a very, very high ceiling.  My worry used to be that Alex would have trouble playing away from the basket, because I watched him play predominately power forward with his high school team.  That is simply short-sighted.  Alex is going to be an elite point forward.  His mixture of size and skills are remarkable.  He can still improve his perimeter defense.  That will be important long term.

Ray Tyler | 5’10” PG | Team Tae 2020

Facing a frenetic defense, Ray Tyler steadied a late-assembled team of friends.  Team Tae drew several players together from the Nashville/Murfreesboro area.  Ray Tyler didn’t score gobs and gobs, but he did fend off great defenders well enough.  Tyler’s handle is special.  He doesn’t rattle easily, which is another redeemable trait.

DD Anderson| 6’6” WG | Team Tae  2020

D.D. Anderson continues to develop his handles.  After the game the Oakland High School dual-sport athlete mentioned his mother played basketball overseas.  Anderson’s blossoming handle and ok jumper will be the backbone of his post-high school career.  As Anderson gets better from deep his value goes up.  This was an impressive Saturday for the 58th best junior-to-be in Tennessee.

Michael Wallace| 6’5” F | Team Tae 2020







When Michael Wallace (PrepHoopsTN #12) walked into the gym it was clear Team Thad 16u was getting more than a lazy Saturday.  Wallace is among the most gifted rebounders in the state.  Nobody works harder on the offensive glass than Wallace and facing a bouncy Team Thad team Wallace consistently secured pivotal loose rebounds.  Wallace is trying to become the wing his coaches want him to be.  Defensively he is ready and the feet are moving.  The outside shot still needs a lot of work.


Lucas King | 6’0” PG | Patriot Elite 2020

Lucas King played up with Patriot Elite 17u.









There is a sizzle to the game of Lucas King (McKenzie).  He has impressive handle.  More than once he created something out of nothing Saturday morning.  King even finished off 360 layup on a committed defender.  His upper body strength needs to improve.  At this rate he should draw some college interest in the next year.