Top Performers: Rose City Showcase


Posted On: 06/11/18 7:00 AM

It may not have had the nationally ranked players it has showcased in the past, but there was definitely some talent on display at this year’s Rose City Showcase. This was the case especially in the final game, a thrilling 105-100 overtime win by Portland-based Rose City Rebels over the Seattle/Tacoma-based Northwest Panthers.

Here are the top performers from both teams in Sunday’s final game:

Aaron Deloney (2019 Grant HS) – Deloney is PrepHoops Oregon’s MVP of the tournament. On Friday’s easy win over Active PCH, the point guard focused on running the offense and dished out a team-high six assists while only scoring three points. In the finals versus the Northwest Panthers, he unquestionably was needed for his scoring, of which he rung up 38 points on a number of long threes and some whirling drives to the basket. At sub-six feet tall, Deloney still manages to find creative ways to get open for his shot over bigger defenders and when he gets going from downtown, he is capable of knocking down several in a row. He is an intense competitor who doesn’t back down from anybody.

Marcus Tsohonis (2019 Jefferson HS) – Tsohonis has played all spring with Seattle Rotary on the EYBL circuit, helping lead the program to the prestigious Peach Jam. But the 6-foot-4 guard is a Portland native and was happy to join the Rebels for the finals. He fit right in either handling the ball at the point or operating on the wing, and often drove to the basket where he either finished at the basket or drew the foul. Since the Rebels needed help on the boards, he also worked hard on the glass on his way to a double-double statistically.

Josh Angle (2019 Lake Oswego HS) – If there was any doubt in one’s mind who the best shooter in the state is, it was erased when we watched Angle play in the Rose City Showcase. He nailed seven threes in the Rebels opening night win and while he didn’t get as many looks in the final game, the ones he did get he knocked down. When Angle gets his feet set and he has an opening, there’s a good chance that it’s going in. Whether it’s in the half court or on the break, defenses had better watch out where Angle might be setting up or they’ll be watching the ball go through the net.

Ben Gregg (2021 Columbia Christian HS) – Each time we have watched Gregg play we continue to want to see more and more. His outside shot out past the three point line is silky smooth and his ability to score closer to the basket will only improve as he gets stronger. The Rebels counted on him for his rebounding all tournament long. The rising sophomore plays with a maturity well beyond his years and there’s no question he’s a name to be watching closely in the next few seasons to come.

P.J. Fuller (2019 Garfield HS) – Fuller came into the game as the most highly ranked player and he did not disappoint. Playing both at shooting guard and helping out at the point, Fuller made athletic plays as he always does and capably showed off a smooth jumper as well. While playing the point he took care of the ball well and was able to create some open looks for his teammates.

Jamon Kemp (2019 Garfield HS) – Like his father Shawn, Kemp is definitely an athlete and he showed that off with a couple of power slams. But where Kemp impressed was his ability to stroke the perimeter jumper in the finals. He knocked down some open threes against the Rebels zone and also hit a few dribble pull-ups. Don’t call it a hitch, but the way he shoots his jumper is reminiscent of how is dad shot it back in the day for the Sonics. His athleticism was big on the boards and he also swatted a couple of shots into the stands on defense.

MarJon Beauchamp (2020 Garfield HS) – Beauchamp visibly reminds us of a young Nicolas Batum with his length and skills on the wing. In the finals he showed off a soft touch from the perimeter out to the three, but also made plays at the rim off of some tough drives to the basket. With his length Beauchamp has the potential to make himself dangerous on defense if the effort is extended.

Michah Monroe (2019 Rainier Beach HS) – Of all of the athleticism on the basketball floor, Monroe probably had the most. At all of 6-foot-2, he was flying all over the basketball floor and a couple of times he got loose on the break he got up and threw down some power jams. Unfortunately he didn’t display much in terms of ball-handling skills or a perimeter shot in the finals, but his athleticism alone was jaw-dropping.