Top Performers: Bowsher Summer League Playoffs


Posted On: 06/28/18 6:05 AM

Echoes from screaming spectators bouncing off the wall in an auxiliary gym lined with fold-up chairs can only mean one thing: it’s single elimination tournament time at your local summer league. Last night on the south side of Toledo at Bowsher High School, we had a blast watching one of the purest yet hectic forms of organized basketball. It was a thing of beauty and some players truly stood out.

Steve Coleman (2021), 6’2” G/W, Maumee Valley / All Ohio Red

Wednesday was a rare opportunity for Coleman, as Maumee Valley had five players available and no Zeb Jackson. Therefore, they needed Coleman to take shots, even bad ones. He impressed with his handle in the open floor and speed. The athletic sophomore is a power finisher with his right hand who shows creativity as a scorer within 10 feet. He’s most comfortable on the drive. Creating space for the outside jumper will be the next step for Coleman, a top NW Ohio prospect in his class.

Frank Waganfeald (2021), 6’5” F/C, Oregon Clay / All Ohio Gold

Waganfeald sticks out as the best player and prospect in Clay’s program as a sophomore. He’s a low-post scorer with power spin moves and drop steps. Good body control and scoring touch from all angles inside. Waganfeald also runs the floor well.

Devin Williams (2019), 5’11” PG, Start

The reigning Toledo City League champs have a very cohesive offense. A bunch of guys know their roles and Williams is the ball-dominant point guard. He has a calming presence out there as a facilitator, but he was also creating his own shot last night. Williams scored efficiently as a 3-point shooter. Finding consistency this season and handling long defenders will be crucial for his recruitment.

Ryan Nunn (2019), 6’0” PG, Findlay / Northwest Ohio Basketball Club

Nunn came out of the gates unconscious against Rogers. He plays off-ball for Findlay, a switch-up from his facilitating duties with Northwest Ohio Basketball Club. It forces him to be more aggressive. Even against a lengthy defender, Nunn was able to create 3-point opportunities by cutting off-ball and using advanced footwork to free up his shot. He is also comfortable enough with his pull-up that he can make contested ones. Great rise on that shot. Nunn securely handles the ball against pressure and displayed vocal leadership.

AJ Adams (2021) 6’3” W, Findlay / All Ohio Gold

Adams was our breakout performer of the night, without question. Although we’d seen him get buckets against his age group this spring, Adams proved his value against varsity competition in a meaningful game on Wednesday. We know it’s summer league, but trust us, that game was meaningful.

In open space, Adams crosses over and can hit a second gear of speed once he turns the corner. On a dime, he’s also liable to jump stop and pump fake a shot-blocker at the basket. Adams showed a high-IQ as a cutter, attacker, and passer. He even made one mature pass to the open shooter in the corner when driving the lane. He’s no-nonsense on offense and simply scores it efficiently. Defensively, his athletic physical traits shine. He’s a long kid with some natural strength. He defends multiple spots with discipline, size, and explosiveness.

DaSean Nelson (2020), 6’6” W/F, Rogers / All Ohio Gold

A few years removed from playing a secondary role as a cutter and rebounder, Nelson now operates the court like a star. He’s got a noticeable presence in the way he walks, talks, and plays these days. The boost in confidence is well-deserved, as he’s established himself as a prospect capable of D-I recruitment.

Nelson has found a style to his off the dribble game. He can fluidly change direction with his dribble and get to his spots in the lane. More than anything though, Nelson likes to dribble into a backdown move and score with strong secondary post moves. He finished contact without harm and always follows his shot for offensive boards. Nelson also zipped accurate cross-court passes to shooters. He runs the floor on defense and loves to chase-down blocks.

Ketaan Wyatt (2020), 6’2” PG, Rogers / Michigan Mustangs – Thompson

Wyatt has considerably improved since our last good look at him during last year’s Toledo City League Championship game. The floor general consistently makes the proper basketball decision and provides stability to their halfcourt offense. Wyatt shot the 3-pointer with confidence, knocking down three of them from the right wing foul-line-extended. He also converted a couple tough layups in traffic after alluding defenders with skillful side-steps in the lane.

He’s also a nice team defender. Wyatt responded to ball denial concepts in the fullcourt and even came through for a timely steal. His length is an asset on that end of the floor.

Ryan Roth (2019), 6’0” G, Findlay / Ohio Buckets

Even though it’s not a new thing, Roth has a huge offensive responsibility on this Findlay team. With Nunn carrying the bulk of playmaking responsibilities, Roth must act as a scorer to relieve some pressure off his classmate by commanding defensive attention with his 3-point shot. He’s a confident spot shooter who didn’t miss open ones in the second half of their win. Roth has good self-awareness as a player, but we’d like him to accept the challenge of shooting even more. At the next level, he’s a no-brainer for Division III programs looking for a shooting weapon.