Jalen Lecque

Posted On: 06/14/18 9:14 AM

Jalen Lecque (Christ School)

Keyshaun and Kobe Langley

One of the most athletic players in the class; strong; good handle; able to attack off the dribble; can finish above the rim. He does a really good job of attacking off the dribble and once he gets within striking distance of the rim watch out. He is a player that excels at finishing at the rim and on top of defenders. 

Kobe Langley (Wesleyan Christian)

Kobe has a very smooth game, has a natural ability to score the ball in bunches and is automatic from midrange. Also has very impressive athletic ability that he uses not only to finishes dunks but also to grab offensive rebounds. Outstanding ball-handler that understands how to keep defenders off balance with a nice mixture of moves.

Keyshaun Langley (Wesleyan Christian)

One of the hardest working young men that you will cross paths with, although he is a talented player he is all about team first and bringing high energy and effort on a consistent basis. Has a nice mixture of strength and quickness, understands how to get to the spots he wants on the floor with minimal extra dribbles.

Shawn Walker (Wesleyan Christian)

True PG that understands how to get everyone involved while getting his own offense going, has a very long wingspan and nice height for a PG. his IQ for the game is above average without a doubt, the son of a D1 coach and you can clearly tell by the way he runs the show for his team.

Davier Dixon (Liberty Heights)

Shifty guard who comes to compete everytime he laces them up. Played on a very competitive high school team which helped bring the best out of him, plays the game with a certain on his shoulder which you love to see from a guard. Knows how to make thr right play and knows how to win close game.