Woodlawn (S’port) vs Southwood: 10 Best – Summer League Edition

High School

Posted On: 06/26/18 10:02 PM

It is not normal that a June summer league game will get much notice. Usually these games are full of mistakes and the overall play is sloppy. However, the Southwood-Woodlawn (Shreveport) game, during the Bossier Summer League, was one of the better games played during this time of year. In a game full of exciting plays, great shooting, and lead changes, the Cowboys topped the Knights 50-44.

MVP: Sadarionne “SD” Ellis (Southwood)

Ellis entered the high school ranks with the likes of Tramichael Moton and Jacoby Decker (Bossier).  He was one of the most talked about talents of the 2019 class.  Three coaches in three years, along with some pedestrian play, have tempered a lot of the buzz surrounding him.  Well, in this game, the talent showed itself in a big way.  Ellis had two assists and ten points.  One might say that is not big time scoring for a game.  However, when you factor in that the clock was running except for the last minute of the game, ten points is big.  Eight of those points were during the final three minutes of the game when the Cowboys needed them the most.  Key plays and big time shots in pressure moments garnered the game MVP for Sadarionne Ellis.

Best Offensive Performance: Tramichael Moton (Woodlawn-Shreveport) – pictured

Moton displayed his full offensive arsenal during this match-up.  While playing the entire game, he either assisted or scored over 30 of the 44 points.  T-Mike showed his ability to finish at the rim along with his improved three point shooting.  As a gifted passer, he found wing shooters with timely passes for open shots.  There was not a better player, on either offensive end, during this contest than Tramichael Moton.

Best Defensive Performance: Bobby Baker (Southwood)

Guarding a two-time, all-state player is an enviable task for anyone.  Southwood’s Bobby Baker took the challenge and made Moton work for almost every bucket that he made.  With his 5’7″ frame and quickness, Baker was able to get into Moton’s comfort zone.  This caused Moton to try more jumpers than he normally would.  As the game hung in the balance, Baker forced T-Mike into a rushed shot and a turnover.  Because of his constant defensive pressure, Baker was definitely the best defender of the game.

Best player off the bench: Daniel Ortiz (Southwood)

Playing the backup point guard, Ortiz came in and gave the Cowboys quality minutes.  Daniel is on the Prep Hoops 2021 watch list and revealed glimpses of why he is highly rated.  Ortiz uses the dribble very well.  He also has quality passing ability.  Both traits were used to break the defense down during the game.  Ortiz created scoring opportunities for himself and others in the contest.  He might have scored four to six points; however, this sophomore also created opportunities for his teammates which is what he was inserted into the game to do.

Best intangibles:  LeVert Davis (Southwood)

Davis constantly found the ball during the game.  He rebounded the ball well an had several layups and put backs.  Because of his activity, Davis garnered Southwood extra possessions which helped them tremendously.  LeVert also deflected passes that helped the Cowboys get into transition.  There was not a more important glue guy than LeVert Davis during this game.

Play of the game: Christian Caldwell’s dunk

The shot making during the last three minutes was top notch.  No other shot was more important than the baseline dunk of Christian Caldwell over a Knight defender.  This play came at a time when the game was tight and allowed Southwood to make a final push to end the game.  The dunk also energized the crowd and caused a brief stoppage in play.  If Caldwell continues to make game-changing plays like this, the Southwood gym will be rocking and rolling during the high school season.

Best Under-the-radar performance: Christian Caldwell (Southwood)

Even though he is in the top 40 of the Prep Hoops Louisiana rankings for 2020, Christian’s play has been up and down.  His play against the Knights will open many eyes however.  Caldwell showed quickness to the rim with the dribble and his leaping ability is eye-popping.  He scored ten points from dunks an short jumpers while not one play was run for him.  Caldwell’s stock will definitely rise in anyone’s eyes who views this game.

Best underclassman: Delatrion Moton (Woodlawn-Shreveport)

Delatrion “Fat Joe” Moton is a beast as a sophomore for the Knights.  Joe rebounded and scored the ball in the paint better than anyone on the floor.  Moton also displayed range on his jumper hitting a three pointer as well.  From his play during this game, Joe showed that he will be an anchor for the Woodlawn offense this upcoming season.

Best story to watch moving forward: Christian Caldwell’s growth

Southwood has not had a solid Division 1 prospect since Josh Porter during the early 2000’s.  I am not sure they have had a high major, Division 1 prospect since Paul Marshall in the year 90’s.  Caldwell’s ascension could very well make him that player.  If his outside game expands to go with his above the rim prowess, the sky is the limit for this kid.  With some preliminary inquiries by Baylor and TCU already on deck, Christian Caldwell could be the next big player for this school with a deep tradition.

Projections for both teams

Woodlawn (Shreveport) might have lost a large portion of their offense.  Even with the loss in production, they will be a factor in class 4A.  With the Moton brothers and the wing shooters they have, the Knights will cause problems offensively for many teams.  Southwood has the potential to be a top five team in 5A with the talent that they have on paper.  They are long, athletic, and skilled at every position.  If they embrace playing defense the way Coach Hamilton wants them too, they have limitless potential.

The link to view the game is below.  It can also be viewed on the Off the Bench Sports YouTube page.  Just type it in the search bar on YouTube and go from there.  Much thanks to Hobert Grayson III for the viewing platform.