Team Rankings: The 15u top 20


Posted On: 06/7/18 1:06 PM

This weekend Minnesota Select Ohnstad pushed their record to 28-4 on the season by winning the NHR State Tournament. Today we give you the latest 15u top 20 in Minnesota.


RankTeamRecordMinnesota Wins of NoteMinnesota Losses of NotePrevious Week
1D1 Minnesota16-6Select Koch 16s, WC United 16s,N Lakers 16s, SE Lightning (+12), Matrix 16s, Heat Coker 16s, Crossfire F 16sWOTN 16s1
2Select Ohnstad28-4WCU Select (x2), Get Shook, Heat Tauer, SW Stars (x2), WOTN E (x3), Comets Elite, Fury P, OSA Crusaders (+10), SW Stars, Crossfire BHeat Tauer, OSA Crusaders (-14)4
3Gain Elite18-4WC United Select, Crossfire Stone, WOTN Erickson, Crossfire B3
4Howard Pulley 19-5Comets Thuok, Heat Immiger, Heat T, D1MN14s, SE Lightning S (+16), Hustle Hard, Suns, Team Tyus 14s, Pulley 14s, Team Get ShookOSA Crusaders (-24)5
5Heat Tauer27-6Crossfire B, Select O, WOTN E (x2), WC United, Heat Pahl, Fury P, SW Stars, Comets Elite (x2), OSA Crusaders (+5), Fury S, Select Rush, PhenomSelect O, OSA Crusaders (-10), Magic Hannah2
6Crossfire Bertsch25-6Lightning (x2), Suns, Comets Elite, Fury P (x2), SW MN Stars, Heat P, WC U Select, Crossfire Stone, Heat Tietz, Tyus 14sHeat Tauer, WC United, Game Elite, Select O6
7WC United Select25-6Lace Up, D1MNp (x2), Crossfire B, Fury P, TC Pirates, Fury S, Grassroots Jett, Select Rush, Heat J, Select O (x2), Heat Tauer, Crossfire B, Game Elite7
8Comets Elite17-7Heat W, Fury S, SW Stars, WOTN, Fury PCrossfire B, Fury P, Heat T (x2), Comets O8
9Fury Poppen23-10Crossfire Stone, SW MN Stars (x2), Lace Up, Grassroots Jett, Comets Elite, WOTN (x2)Crossfire B (x2), WC United, Heat Tauer, Select O, Comets Elite9
10Magic Hannah13-4MBA,Hustle Hard, Heat Tauer, Phenom, Heat TietzGrassroots Jett, D1MN14s, Team Tyus 14s19
11SE MN Lightning Studer22-7Suns, Heat Johnson (x3), Comets Regional, Select Rush, Select Reese, Pulley Maxey, Knights, Lace Up, PhenonCrossfire B (x2), Howard Pulley, D1 Minnesota, TC Pirates10
12Howard Pulley Maxey14-11Select Reese, Fury Syverson, PhenomLightning S11
13Grassroots Jett14-10Comets P 16s, Heat Johnson, Magic Hannah, MNd1p (x2), PiratesLace Up 16s, Rip City 16s, Fury P, WC Select, Team Tyus 14s, Heat Tauer14
14Fury Syverson16-9WC Cats, Heat B (x2), Comets Regional, Select Rush (x2), Knights, Rise, Hustle HardD1MNp, Comets Elite, Pulley Maxey, WC Select, Heat Tietz, Heat Tauer12
15Heat Titz12-8Nice, Heat I, Rise, UVA, Fury S, Hustle HardHoward Pulley, D1MN14s, Lace Up, D1mnp, Crossfire B, Magic Hannah18
16WOTN Erickson14-16Lightning E, D1MNp, SW Stars, Heat Wiley, Lace UpHeat Tauer (x2), Select O (x3), Fury P (x2), Comets Elite, Gain Elite15
17Heat Wiley14-10Lace Up, Heat Inniger, Comets T, Lace UpComets Elite, Get Shook, D1MN14s, WOTN, SW Stars, Pirates13
18Team Get Shook11-14Heat B, Comets T, Heat W, Pulley 14s, SunsSelect O, Team Tyus 14s, Howard Pulley16
19Minnesota Knights16-8Select RushSE Lightning St, Fury S20
20Select Rush15-9WCUnited Regional, Comets Regional 1,Heat J, Pirates, StarsHustle Hard. Lightning, Fury S (x2), Knights, Heat Tauer, WC United SelectNR
Others:Comets Thuok17-13WC Wildcats, Lace UpGet Shook, Heat B, Howard Pulley, Heat Inniger, Heat Wiley, Crossfire B, Fury S, Grassroots
Heat Johnson10-18Lightning St (x2), Select R, D1 MNp (x2), Crossfire Stone, MagicCrossfire Stone, D1mnP, Sizzle, Crossfire Studer, WC United S, Select Rush, Lightning
D1 MN Prospects12-19Fury S, WC Cats, Heat Johnson, Heat Tietz, Rise, Hustle Hard (x2)WOTN Erickson, WC United Select (x2), Sizzle (x2), Heat Johnson (x2), Team Tyus 14s, Phenom
SW Mn Stars6-16Heat WileyCrossfire B, Fury P (x2), Select O (x2), Comets Elite, Heat T, WOTN E, Select R
Crossfire Stone13-10Heat B, Heat JohnsonFury P, Heat J, Select Rush, Gain Elite, Crossfire B,
MN Phenom6-11Heat B, D1mnPPirates, Pulley Maxey, Heat Tauer, Lightning ,Magic H
Heat Bohrer7-17Comets T, Mpls FAB, Lace Up, Hustle HardGet Shook, Fury S (x2), Crossfire Stone, Phenom, Comets T, Crossfire B
Comets Regional Blue10-9WC United, Heat Rantilla. Lightning SpencerFury S, Select Reese, Select Rush, Magic
Heat Inniger8-11Comets Thuo, WC United RHoward Pulley, Heat Wiley, MN Nice, Heat Titz, Select Reese
Lace Up7-18Select Reese, Heat TUnited Select, Select Ohnstad, Heat Wiley (x2), Comets Thuok, Fury P, Heat B, Rise, Lightning, WOTN
Hustle Hard6-17Select Reese, Select RushMagic Nike, D1 MN, D!mnP, Pulley, Suns, Team Tyus 14s, Fury S, Heat Tietz, Heat B, D1mnP
WC United Regional5-17Suns, Acceleration, Heat RantillaSelect Rush, Heat I