Team Rankings: 17u top 25


Posted On: 06/5/18 7:21 AM

The NHR State Tournament matched a large percentage of the state’s 17u team so obviously there were changes in this week’s top 25.  See the rankings now!

RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1D1 Minnesota25-1Fury Wilde, Comets Lewis, Fury K, Heat Ismail, Heat Nelson, OSA Crusaders (+15), SE MN Lightning1
2Grassroots Sizzle UAA12-71848 (+7), Run GMC (+2)Mac Irvin (-2)2
3Fury Wilde28-5OSA Crusaders (+3), Comets K (+26), SE Mn Lightning, D1 MN Prospects, Fury K, Lightning, Heat Mac, Comets Lewis, 1848 (+17), Select Leaf, SW Stars, WOTND1 Minnesota, WOTN3
4Howard Pulley22-12Comets K (+19), 44 Elite, MN SunsMac Irvin (-6), OSA Crusaders (-7), Run GMC (-12)4
5WOTN 16-10Heat Walli, Heat Mac, D1 MN Prospects, Select Leafblad, Comets Lewis, Fury Wilde, OSA Crusaders (+4)Comets K, Heat Mac, SW Stars, Fury Wilde, OSA Crusaders (-22)6
6Heat Nelson24-7Select Ellis (x2), Select Leaf, Heat Wallj, Heat Henderson, 43 Hoops, Mentality, LightningD1 Minnesota, Fury K9
7Comets K20-7WOTN, 44 Elite, D1 Rise (x2), SW MN Stars, D1MNp, UVA, Comets DLRFury Wilde, Crossfire B, Howard Pulley, SW Stars5
8Comets Lewis18-8Crossfire Belle, SW Stars, Select LeafD1 Minnesota, Fury Wilde, WOTN, Heat Mac (x2)8
9SE MN Lightning18-7Playmakers Deadrick, D1 Rise, Bulldogs, N Lakers, Crossfire B, Heat Wall, Comets DLR, SW StarsFury Wilde (x2), D1 Minnesota, Mentality MN, Heat Nelson11
1044 Elite16-13Playmakers Roe, Heat Mac, Suns, 43 HoopsComets K, Howard Pulley10
11Heat MacDonald18-13Comets DLR, Select Leafblad (x2), WOTN Swed, SW Stars, Comets Lewis (x2)44 Elite, WOTN Swed, Fury Wilde, D1 Rise, D1mnP7
12SW MN Stars12-9WOTN, Select Leafbald, Heat Henderson, Comets K, UVA StanComets K, Select Leafblad, Comets Lewis, Fury Wilde, Lightning, Heat Mac16
13Mentality Minnesota21-11Comets D, Heat Ismail (x2), WOTNch (x2), Heat Wallj, SE Lightning, Rise, TC Finest, Heat Henderson, D1 MN Rise, Select LeafbaldSelect Leaf, Heat Henderson, Fury K, Heat Nelson15
14Fury Kaupa13-9Magic, Heat Nelson, RIP City, Mentality, WC United, UVA TateCrossfire Belle, D1 MN, Fury Wilde, 43 Hoops14
15Crossfire Belle14-8Select Leaf, Heat Henderson, Fury Kaupa, Comets K, D1 Rise (x2), MagicComets Elite, Heat Henderson, SE Lightning, WOTNch, Bulldogs13
16Select Leafbald14-17Mentality MN, SW MN Stars, Select Ellis, Heat Wall, MagicCrossfire Belle, Heat Nelson, WOTN, Heat Mac (x2), Fury Wilde, Comets Lewis, SW Stars, Mentality18
17Comets DLR11-15Rip City, Heat Henderson, Pirates, WC United, Heat Mac, D1 MN Prospects. Lightning, Comets K21
18Twin Cities Pirates12-7D1 Rise, Heat Wall, Heat Henderson, D1mnPComets DLR12
19D1 MN Prospects16-12Comets DLR, Lace Up, Northern Lakers (x2), Select Ellis, Heat Mac, WOTNchPirates, Fury Wilde, WOTN Swed, Heat Henderson, Comets K, RIP City19
20Heat Henderson18-10Select Ellis (x2), Mentality MN, 43 Hoops, Crossfire Belle, Bulldogs, Magic, D1MNp, E1T1Crossfire Belle, Heat Nelson, Comets DLR, Mentality MN, SW Stars, TC Pirates17
21D1 Mn Rise14-13Rip City, Select B, Bulldogs, Heat Mac, Comets DSE Mn Lightning, Crossfire Belle, Comets K (x2), Heat Wallj, Crossfire B, Mentality (x2)24
22Rip City18-11Playmakers Deadrick, Heat Wallj, UV Tate, Select Ellis, D1MNp, Magic (x2), WOTNch, Comets DLR, D1 Mn Rise, Heat Wallj, Fury K, CEO Kings, Fury Wilde, Select Ellis22
2343 Hoops7-10Heat Ismail, WC Wildcats Elite, Fury KTeam Get Shook 16s, Heat Henderson, Heat Nelson, 44 Elite20
24Heat Wallj17-14Playmakers Roe, N Lakers, D1 Rise, RIP City, WOTNch, Crossfire P, TC FinestWOTN Swed, RIP City, WC Wildcats, Mentality, Heat Nelson, Pirates, Select L, Lightning23
25Select Ellis13-12Heat Ismail, Comets D, TC Finest, Select Brown, RIP CityHeat Henderson (x2), Heat Nelson (x2), Rip City, E1T1, Comets D, D1mnP, Select LeafNR
Others:Comets Dusharm14-15Crossfire P, WC United, E1T1 (x2), Select B, Select EllisHeat Moberg 16s, Select Ellis, Mentality MN, Magic, D1 Rise
E1T19-7Select Brown (x2), Crossfire P, Select Ellis, N LakersTC Finest, Comets D (x2), Heat Henderson
UVA Tate12-12WC Wildcats, Bulldogs, TC Finest, WOTNchRip City, Fury K, UVA Stan, Comets K
Twin Cities Finest12-14Heat Ismail, N Lakers, EITI, WOTNch, Crossfire PSelect Ellis (x2), D1 MN 15s, WC United, Mentality, Heat Wallj, UVA Tate
MN Bulldogs11-13School Boys, Crossfire P, Crossfire BHeat Henderson, Lightning, D1 Rise, UVA Tate
Crossfire P12-13Comets D, Select Ellis, Select Brown, WC WildcatsSE Lightning, Comets D, E1T1, Select Brown, TC Finest, Builldogs, Heat Wallj
WOTNch7-15WC United, Magic, Crossfire B, Heat IsmailComets Lewis, Mentality (x2), TC Finest, N Lakers, Heat Wallj, D1mnP, UVA Tate, RIP City
Heat Ismail15-16Suns (x2), Magic (x2), West Central WD1MN, Select Ellis, Mentality, TC Finest, N Lakers, WC United, 43 hoops, Heat H, WOTNch, Mentality
West Central Wildcats9-10Heat Wallj, UVA Stan, Comets Regional, Select BrownUVA Tate, Comets Lewis, Select Leaf, 43 Hoops, Heat Ismail, Crossfire P,
Select Brown9-15Comets Regional, WC United, Crossfire PRise, Crossfire P (x2), E1T1, N Lakers, Grassroots B, Select E, E1T1 (x2), Comets D, West Central
WC United8-18Suns, Heat Ismail, Comets D, WOTNch, Select B, Comets Lil 16s, Fury K, Comets DLR
Northern Lakers6-6Heat Ismail, Select Brown, Magic Elite, WOTNchHeat Wallj, TC Finest, D1mnP (x2), SE Lightning, E1T1
MN Magic Elite4-18Fury K, Heat Ismail, WOTNch. N Lakers, Heat Henderson, RIP City (x2), Crossfire B, Comets D, Heat Nelson
MN Phenom2-8