Team Rankings: 17U, 16U & 15U


Posted On: 06/25/18 1:02 PM

PHD updates the team rankings after SD Venom and SD Crush represented the state well with event championships in Iowa and Minnesota respectively.

South Dakota 17U teams continue to perform at a high level putting together an 86-54 combined record this year facing teams from around the nation. That’s a percentage of 61 percent.

North Dakota 17Us are also performing well totaling 49-35 so far this season.



RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1SD Attack8-41
2Pentagon Schoolers12-10Dakota Phenom, ECI (x2)2
3ECI Prospects12-10ND Attack, ECI SelectsDakota Schoolers (x2)3
4Sacred Hoops Rama8-38
5SD Venom15-6Niners Select, SH McVey, ND Phenom9
6ECI Selects16-6SD Crush, ND Attack, MN Bulldogs (+10 in title game)ECI Prospects, MN Bulldogs (-18)4
7ND Attack10-8Team BrandonECI Select, Team Brandon, ECI Prospects5
8ND Phenom11-11MN Bulldogs (+4)Pentagon Schoolers, SD Venom6
9SD Crush8-5SH McVeyTeam Brandon, ND Attack15
10BBA Force - Shane7-77
11Sacred Hoops Bertram7-413
12BBA Force Reggie10-710
13Team Brandon6-2SD Crush, ND AttackND Attack11
14Full Court Elite4-412
15Sacred Hoops McVey5-6SH McVey, SD Venom14



RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1SD Attack11-21
2ND Alliance12-4Pentagon Schoolers, ECI Prospects, Gordon DTA Gold2
3Gordon DTA Gold7-8Pentagon Schoolers, ECI SelectsAlliance (x2)3
4Pentagon Schoolers7-9ECI Selects,
Gordon DTA, ECI (x2)
Alliance, Gordon DTA Gold4
5SD Network7-95
6ECI Prospects6-14Gordon DTA, ND AttackPentagon Schoolers (x2), Alliance6
7ND Attack10-6ECI SelectECI Prospects7
8BBA Force Bartlett9-118
9ECI Select5-15BBA ForceND Attack, Pentagon Schoolers, Gordon DTA Gold9
10Sacred Hoops Sitig8-5Sacred Hoops 15s10
11BBA Force Maschino5-4ECI Select, Gordon DTA11
12Gordon DTA3-12BBA ForceND Attack, Pentagon Schoolers12
Sacred Hoops Larsen3-8



RankTeamRecordPHD Ws of NotePHD Ls of notePrevious
1Pentagon Schoolers13-5ND Phenom, ECI Kretch, ECI Prospects1
2SD Attack8-32
3ECI Kretch14-8Attack Green, Attack Blue, ECI Pure, SW Stars (+8)Pentagon Schoolers3
4BBA Force Hennen12-7Attack Green, BBA Trout, Dakota Wolves4
5ECI Prospects13-10Attack Blue, SW Stars (+11)Pentagon Schoolers, SW Stars (-27)5
6ND Phenom9-11SW Stars (+4)Pentagon Schoolers7
7ND Attack Blue8-8Team Brandon, BBA ReeseECI Prospects8
8SD Venom 11-10BBA Force Reese, Team BrandonAttack Blue, SD Network, SH Black Hills, 12
9Dakota Wolves6-2ECI Purintun, BBA Force Trout, Attack GreenBBA Force Hennen6
10ECI Purintun10-11BBA Trout (x2), Attack GreenDakota Wolves, Attack Green, ECI Kretch9
11Sacred Hoops Mergen5-4Sacred Hoops 16sNR
12ND Attack Green6-11ECI PureDakota Wolves, ECI Kretch, ECI Pure10
13Team Brandon5-6BBA Force ReeseAttack Blue, Venom Regional13
14SD Network5-10Venom11
15BBA Force Reese3-6SD Venom Regional, Attack Blue, Team Brandon14
BBA Force Trottman3-9ECI Pure (x2), Dakota Wolves, BBA Hennen, Team Brandon