Posted On: 06/6/18 12:41 PM

Fury Kline won the NHR State Tournament at the 16u level this weekend moving them up in the latest NHR top 25 for the 16u level.

RankTeamRecordMN Wins of NoteMN Losses of NoteLast Week
1D1 Minnesota18-41
2Fury Zurn28-3Comets Elite (x3), WOTN Davis (x2), Heat Moberg (x2), Select Koch, SW Stars, Select Cave 2
3Howard Pulley14-7Phenom, Mpls FAB, Grassroots Ewald, Suns, Get Shook3
4Comets Elite 17-9Select O, WC United, Fury Kline, Select Cave, WOTN DavisFury Zurn (x3), SW MN Stars, WOTN, Heat Moberg4
5WOTN Davis20-5Comets JL, Crossfire P, Heat Presbi, D1 MN 15s, Select Cave (x3), SW Stars (x2)Fury Zurn (x2), Heat Moberg, Comets Elite5
6Fury Kline22-7Magic, Heat A, Get Shook, WC United, Grassroots Ew, Gain Elite, SE Lightning, Finest, Select Koch, FAB, Select CaveComets Elite7
7Gain Elite18-6RIP CityFury Kline8
8Team Get Shook19-11Rip City, MN Matrix, 43 Hoops 17s, Suns, Mpls FAB, Grassroots EwaldFury Kline, Howard Pulley9
9MN Matrix16-5Heat West, Grassroots Sizzle (x2), Heat Presbi, WOTN Renta, Comets Lil, RiseGet Shook, D1 MN 15s10
10Heat Moberg27-13WOTN, Comets Elite, Select Cave, Rise, LightningSch, WC United, Comets D 17s, Comets JLil, SW MN StarsFury Zurn (x2), TC Finest, Select Cave, FAB, Select Koch6
11Select Cave13-16Heat A, Select Koch, Heat Moberg, Lace Up, SW Stars, Crossfire PHeat Presbi, Comets Elite, WOTN (x2), Fury Z, SW Stars, Heat Moberg, Fury Kline13
12MPLS Fab18-11Magic, TC Finest, WC United, Suns, Crossfire F, Heat MobergPhenom, Howard Pulley, Get Shook, Fury K14
13Select Koch17-9Rip City, Comets Lil (x2), TC Finest, Heat Presbi, Select O, Crossfire F, Crossfire P, SW Stars, Heat MobergD1MN 15s, WC United, Select Cave, Comets Lil, Heat Speer, Fury Z, WOTN Jonas, Heat West, Fury K15
14Minnesota Phenom16-12Sizzle Ewald, Mpls FABHoward Pulley11
15SW MN Stars11-10Playmakers Sch, Comets Elite, Select Cave, Suns, Heat Pres, Comets DHeat Moberg, WOTN (X2), Fury Zurn, Select Koch, Select Cave12
16Northern Lakers11-6D1 Rise, Heat Ismail 17s, Select Brown 17s, Playmakers Sch, RIP City, Ligtning, CEOHeat Presbi, D1 MN 15s, Heat Wally 17s, TC Finest 17s, Suns 17
17Playmakers Schneidermann14-10WC United, D1 Rise, Heat West, Crossfire Ped, E1T1 17s, Select Brown 17s, Select Leafblad 17sSW Mn Stars, Northern Lakers, Crossfire Ped, TC Finest, Select Ellis 17s (x2), Comets D 17s, SW Stars 17s18
18MN Lace Up15-8Grassroots Jett, Comets P, Heat Presbi (x2), Lightning, GR Ewald, Heat WestSelect O, Heat Moberg, RIP City, Select CaveNR
19Heat West16-9Grassroots Ewald, Comets Lilj, WOTN R, WOTN J, Select Koch, Select O, Lightning, TC Finest, WC United, Crsssfire FMatrix, Comets Elite, WC United, Playmakers Sch, Crossfire P, D1mn15, Lace Up, Select Koch20
20SE MN Lightning Sch12-12Select O (x2), Heat G, MN Magic, TC FinestComets Elite, Heat Moberg, Comets Lil, Heat Coker, Fury Kline, Lace Up, N Lakers22
21D1MN Rise10-11Crossfire F, Comets P, Heat Speer, Lightning Swig, WC United, TC Finest, Comets LiljNorthern Lakers, Playmakers Sch, Matrix, TC Finest, Heat Moberg, Crossfire F25
22Grassroots Ewald15-13Suns, 43 Hoops, Comets LiljMatrix, Fury Kline, Lace Up, Phenom, Pulley, Get Shook, Crossfire P, Lace Up21
23Comets Liljequist19-15Grassroots Ewald, SE Lightning Swig, WC United 17s, WC United, Lightning Schw, TC Finest, Select Koch, WOTN Retna, Select O, RIP City, Heat PresbiWOTN Davis, Crossfire P, Heat Moberg, Select O, Select Koch (x2), Matrix, Heat West, WOTN J, Rise, Suns, Grassroots E16
24Select Okafor14-11Crossfire F (x2), Rip City. Lace Up, Magic, Comets Lil, Crossfire PComets P, Comets Elite, SE MN Lightning Sch (x2), Crossfire F Select Koch, Comets Lil19
25Heat Presbi11-13Select Cave, Northern Lakers, Bulldogs, Suns, Crossfire PWOTN Davis, Matrix, Select Koch, Lace Up (x2), SW Stars, Comets Lilj23
Others:Crossfire Pederson12-12Comets JL, Magic Elite, Playmakers Sch, WOTN Jonas, E1T1, Heat West, Crossfire F, Grassroots E, SunsWOTN Davis, Playmakers Sch, Select O, Select Koch, Select Cave, Heat Pres
MN Suns11-15Comets P, N Lakers, Comets LiljCorssfire P, Mentality 17s, WOTNch 17s, Heat Presbi (x2), Grassroots, Get Shook, FAB, Pulley, SW Stars
TC Finest15-14Heat Speer (x2), Heat Moberg, Playmakers Sch, Heat Ankrah, RiseSelect Koch, Comets Lil, MPLS Fab, Lightning, Fury K, Heat West, Rise
Crossfire Forbish10-14Rise, Select OD1 Rise, Select O (x2), WOTN J, Select Koch, Crossfire P, D1 MN 15s, FAB, Heat West
Magic Elite14-9Heat A, Comets P, Rip CItyFury Kline, Crossfire P, Select O, Lightning Sch, Mpls FAB, Lightning 2
WC United15-17Select Koch, Heat West, Comets D 17s, Comets P, Heat Speer, Rip CityD1MN 15s, Comets Elite, Comets D 17s, Heat Moberg, Comets JL, Fury Kline, Playmakers Sch, MPLS Fab, Rise, Heat West
WOTN Jonas10-8Heat A, Suns, Select K, Crossfire F, Comets Lil, E1T!MN Flight, Crossfire P, Heat West
Rip City8-15Grassroots Jett, Lace UpMagic, Select O, MN Nice, Heat Ankrah (x2), Gain Elite, Comets Lilj, N Lakers, WC United
Heat Ankrah9-20RIP City (x2), E1T1Fury K, Magic, Select Cave, E1T1, Suns, TC Finest, FAB, Select O, WC United
Comets Petermeir7-12Select OkaforD1MN Rise, Suns, Magic, Lace Up, Grassroots Jett, WC United, SW Stars