Team Camp and Summer League Point Guards You Should Know


Posted On: 06/19/18 10:06 PM

June has been jam-packed with prep action with team camps and summer league games all over the state. The team camp at Northwestern State and the Bossier summer league have been no exception. Some of the best prep players showed off their talents on the campuses of Bossier High, NSU and other Natchitoches gyms. Right here, Prep Hoops Louisiana will review some of the standout point guards from the great play during the last few days.

Kael Delcambre / Grand Lake / 6’0″ / PG

Grand Lake’s 2020 point guard played at a high level against their opponents during the camp.  He is a guard that leads by example on the floor.  Delcambre plays full throttle at all times.  Kael is also a guard who rebounds the ball well for his size and can shoot the deep ball.   The best part about him is his passing ability.  He can pass other players open because he is well-versed in the offense.  When the Grand Lake season begins, look for Delcambre to be the leading reason in the success they have during the season.

Anthony “A.J.” Taylor / Loyola College Prep / 5’7″ / PG

At 5’7″, Taylor is definitely one of the smaller point guards that played during the camp.  However, this 2020 point guard’s game spoke larger than his height.  During the end of regulation against Many, Taylor displayed several traits that make him a great leader as a point guard.  He went to the free throw line to tie the game.  He missed the free throw, made a steal to get the ball back, and attempted the go ahead shot.  That sequence showed what Taylor is capable of when he is on the floor.  Taylor makes plays.  With this type of play, Taylor will lead Loyola to much success when the season tips.

E’mareyon McDonald / Red River / 6’0″ / PG

McDonald put his entire repertoire on display during the team camp at Northwestern State.  It appears that he has worked on his ability to drive the ball to the basket because he found his wings and big men for open shots time after time.  His use of the dribble to separate from defenders is outstanding.  Man-to-man defenders had trouble staying attached to him.  McDonald probably has the quickest release and the deepest range of any point guard in north Louisiana.  The fact that he is a 2021 point guard means that he has even more time to improve.  With his shooting ability and improved passing skills, he is rapidly becoming one of the top players of his class in Louisiana.

Dylan Slaid / Benton / 5’6″ / PG

Slaid is a 2021 guard who played with supreme confidence during the team camp at Northwestern.  His defense on the the opposing point guards he faced was nothing short of excellent.  Slaid has the ability to anticipate where passes are going and gets into the passing lanes.  With his slight frame, he is light on his feet.  He moves quickly after steals into the front court for transition baskets or finding others.  Dylan also has range to 23 feet comfortably.  Even though he is small, his play speaks loudly.  He has definitely played well for the Tigers this summer and will be the leader going into the regular season to be the point guard.  In a district with elite point guards like Tramicheal Moton, Kalaas Roots, and Jacoby Decker, Slaid will need these summer experiences to be at his best.

Jayshun Miller / Homer / 6’0″ / PG

One of the more impressive performances of the last four days was the play of Jayshun Miller of Homer.  The 2020 lead guard displayed a heightened ability to take games over with his all around game versus teams in the Bossier summer league.  Miller used the early part of games to get his teammates into scoring positions while picking his spots wisely.  His ability to survey the defense and distribute the ball accordingly is definitely higher level.  Jayshun also recognized when his shot was falling and what he needed to do most to help the team score.  His use of the dribble to penetrate and create contact shows senior-type savvy.  Miller has outstanding play-making ability for himself and others.  Homer should thrive under his floor leadership and be a genuine threat to teams when the fall arrives.

These guards will make a true impact on the floor this fall.  Teams on the next level will hopefully notice their talent going forward.  With the work that it these players have put in to improve, their skill should definitely impress coaches in the future.