Posted On: 06/4/18 3:07 PM

I know it is only June, but getting better should never stop being on your mind.

Summer leagues are going down all across the state of Florida and in between college camps and various other showcases, the focus will be on playing in your high school summer leagues.

There are certain kids that don’t seem to be concentrated because school is over and it is the weekend or a Monday night for example.

Don’t make excuses, put in the work, be a team player and knock down open looks.

The best basketball is far away, but July will cap off AAU season, August and September will serve as fall league time and October and November are where things inch closer and it is time to get your coach’s sets down and be ready for the season.

It isn’t always easy to play in two games in the span of three hours in some of these leagues, but conditioning and repetition are keys to early season success.

There is one huge benefit for us to go out to your summer league games and the college camps that your high schools attend.

That benefit is about the future. For me, it is great to see where guys are at in terms of progress and then it is about watching the new kids and next wave of basketball talent in the state.

Listen to your coaches, come to the gym early and leave late. Don’t make excuses for your role on the team now, aim to improve your game and beat out your competition. Take your role seriously right now because you could easily flip your coaches trust and boost your stock.

There is always time to get better whether you are with your team or not, but when you are playing in these summer leagues, play smart and be active.

The last thing you want to do is to be just another guy on the floor. Make yourself known so media, coaches, players, parents, etc. are talking about you and generating a buzz. Then capitalize on that confidence for the rest of the summer and into the fall.

Example: 2020 Riverview guard Malachi Wideman continues to put in the work in his third game of a Saturday slate at Lakewood Ranch.