Summer at Union High School: Key Players & Coach’s Corner

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Posted On: 06/8/18 3:00 PM

During the month of June, high school basketball ramps back up, with most schools visiting tournaments each weekend. In this article, we take a look at Union High School (WA) and what they have going this summer.

Key Players:

Ethan Smith (2019) is one of the elite shooters in the state of Washington. With Union looking to Smith as the main source of offensive production, look for his scoring numbers to spike. Alishawuan Taylor (2019) is a very physical post player that sets hard screens and pulls down rebounds at an extremely high rate. Taylor will continue to have an impact on both ends of the court by making winning efforts.

Summer Schedule:

Week 1: Varsity played in the Franklin Quaker Summer Slam, while the remaining teams played in the Hoopsource NW Summer Invitational

Week 2: All teams playing in the Titanic Clash (hosted by Union High School), see here for schedule

Week 3: Varsity playing in the War of the Border tournament, while the remaining teams play in a tournament at Washougal High School

Week 4: Varsity playing in the Curtis Shootout before all three teams head to Oregon Team Camp

Thoughts from Head Coach Blake Conley:

“We have a group of guys who want to be good, are coachable, play hard and want to add to the state-wide success we have had here at Union. Summer is a time to compete, figure out our new roles and dynamics and to figure out what our strengths and weaknesses are. We need our seniors to be leaders this summer and get a little better every day. It is a process to be a good team and we are beginning that process.”

Varsity Roster:

Name Height Graduation Class
Ethan Smith 6’0 2019
Houston Combs 5’11 2019
Alishawuan Taylor 6’5 2019
Curtis Youngren 6’8 2019
Josh Reznick 6’3 2020
Tanner Toolson 6’2 2020
Ty McCollum 6’2 2020
Brad Lackey 6’0 2020
Mason Hill 6’4 2020
Isaac Romero 6’0 2020
Connor Flannigan 6’4 2020
Ariya Briscoe 6’0 2021
Izaiah Vognath 5’5 2021


Junior Varsity Roster:

Name Graduation Class
Aiden Liss 2021
Trent Beard 2021
Jack Tanner-Johnson 2021
Cole Rebman 2021
Konstatine Tatarenko 2021
Jack Mulder 2021
Kaden Lewis 2021
Ryan Rosumny 2021


Freshman Roster:

Name Graduation Class
Doug McClary 2022
Evan Eschels 2022
Jayden Jones 2022
Ryan Dimartino 2022
Liam Boyce 2022
Parker Burgess 2022
Porter Hill 2022
Jamison Limbrick 2022
Tobias Merriweather 2022
Noah De’Vore 2022
Brandon Peterson 2022
Josh Boda 2022
Mike Glovin 2022