Summer at Camas High School: Key Players & Coach’s Corner

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Posted On: 06/8/18 1:00 PM

During the month of June, high school basketball ramps back up, with most schools visiting tournaments each weekend. In this article, we take a look at Camas High School (WA) and what they have going this summer.

Key Players:

Isaiah Sampson (2019) is a 6’6 forward that plays with a mixture of power and skill. While he plays most of his minutes on the perimeter, Sampson is a force inside the paint, nearly averaging a double-double this past winter. Carson Bonine (2019) is a heady guard looking to play a major role on Varsity this year. After a strong spring playing with the Iron Athletics Sixers, Bonine adds offensive confidence to his defensive prowess.

Summer Schedule:

Week 1: Varsity played in the Oregon State University Basketball Tournament, while the remaining teams played in the Hoopsource NW Summer Invitational

Week 2: All teams playing in the Titanic Clash, see here for schedule

Week 3: Varsity playing in the War of the Border Tournament, while the remaining teams play in the Les Schwab NW Summer Championship

Week 4: Gonzaga Team Camp

Week 5: Freshman team plays in the inaugural Jr. NBA World Championship Northwest Regional Round in Salem, OR

Thoughts from Head Coach Ryan Josephson:

“The enthusiasm for Camas basketball this summer has been exceptional. Based on player demand, we are running a 4th team for the first time. We are making a serious investment in the future with an unrivaled summer program for our incoming freshmen that includes competing in the regional tournament for the inaugural Jr. NBA World Championship. Our program is becoming even more united with our youth efforts through the participation of middle school coaches in our high school summer schedule. We are experimenting with our style of play towards a more exciting brand of basketball that the players are really embracing.”

Varsity Roster:

*Denotes Swing Player
Name Height Graduation Class
Carson Bonine 6’2 2019
Isaiah Sampson 6’6 2019
Josh McPhun 6’1 2019
Fox Bessinger 6’1 2019
Zach Chilian 6’0 2019
Shane Jamison 6’3 2019
Jackson Clemmer 6’6 2020
Titan Phillips 6’4 2020
Josh Mansur 6’0 2020
Armand Nuñez 5’11 2021
Preston Bee* 6’0 2020
Charlie Bump* 5’9 2020
Kenny Wright* 6’4 2020


Junior Varsity Roster:

Name Graduation Class
Blake Asciutto 2020
Caden Koranda 2020
Christian Lenard 2021
Cameron Miller 2021
Caleb Shira 2021
Chase Muro 2021
Blake Bell 2021
Jacob Gray 2021
Will Hansen 2021


Freshman 1 Roster:

Name Graduation Class
Quentin Allen 2022
Drew Triplett 2022
Jairus Phillips 2022
Quinton Patterson 2022
Conner Murphy 2022
Aiden Montigny 2022
Keoni Jones 2022
Carson Frawley 2022
Weston Field 2022
Andrew Caroussos 2022
Stephen Behil 2022


Freshman 2 Roster:

Name Graduation Class
Dax Clifton 2022
Luke Dizon 2022
Drew Hancock 2022
Luke Jamison 2022
Tyler LeGeyt 2022
Edoardo Maggi 2022
Nick Perry 2022
Hayden Rouse 2022
Lance Stuck 2022
Jackson Waldbauer 2022
Adrian Williams 2022