Standouts: Palm Beach State Camp

High School

Posted On: 06/13/18 3:44 PM

Germinal Gethro, Jupiter Christian

A defensive minded athlete who provides stellar defensive tactics on both guard positions, Gethro brings the type of veteran toughness every coach longs for. He blurs his way up and down the floor and converts turnovers into transition buckets with ease. A hard-attacking guard, the Class of 2019 prospect averaged 16 PPG as a junior last season.

Dejuan Tripp, Ball4Lyfe

The 6-foot lefty did a commendable job orchestrating the offense for Ball4Lyfe. He facilitated and was able to use his deceptive, advanced handle to get around defenders and get into the driving lanes and score.

While Tripp’s true identity is that of a creator capable of quarterbacking an offense, he’s got the scoring skill-set to be a multi-tooled threat next season.

Mike Freeland, Somerset

The Class of 2020 prospect has taken off this summer, opening up a consistent 3-point game. He’s authored several games of 5+ treys, which should be a portent of things to come next season. He still needs to get stronger and pack on muscle, albeit he’s fundamentally sound and plays thorough defense.

Anderson Estime, Somerset

The strong and bullish 5-foot-8 guard is a crafty ball handler who knows how to run an offense. He averaged 12 points and seven boards last season, with an adeptness for attacking and manufacturing points at all three levels.

He controls it all for Somerset, a factor that builds anticipation–especially as he learns the tendencies of new blood and incoming young talent. His football player build makes him tough to stay in front of, especially when he gets into the teeth of the defense and ascends to the rim.

Jakob Colodney, Somerset

Another 3-point threat on a team laced with guards, Colodney provides another leg of scoring. At 6-foot-2 and with a sturdy defensive skill-set, Colodney will bring a layer of veteran senior experience this coming season. On an undersized team, he’s going to be flushed into a prominent role that entails fronting the post and snatching down boards.

Giancarlo Rosado, Ball4Lyfe

The Class of 2020 prospect brings a big, towering presence at 6-foot-7. He’s got the mobility and soft touch from 15-18 feet and beyond, which was on display throughout Week II of Palm Beach State camp. The ball comes off his hands smoothly from the perimeter and he’s learning to be an efficient and consistent interior scorer.

Anthony Atkinson, Ball4Lyfe

At 6-foot-8 and 210 pounds, Atkinson is a big and forceful rim protector. He showed his adeptness for blocking, manipulating, and altering the trajectory of shots. At Westminster Acad. in Fort Lauderdale, Atkinson is tasked with protecting the goal and defending the rim more than anything. With Westminster featuring 6-foot-6 high major prospect Dudley Blackwell along with highly skilled and Division-I level guards such as Chase Johnston and Sam Griffin, Atkinson is cognizant he’s always going to be a secondary scorer. The onus is on him to stay aggressive on the boards and provide the dirty work above everything else.

He’s improved with his face up game, though he’s still developing a feathery touch and trying to make his jumper a consistent component of his game.

Ben Lubarsky, Ball4Lyfe

The 6-foot-5, 212-pound guard showed how effectively his left-handed stroke can dissect a defense. Lubarsky, who averaged 26 points and 12 rebounds this past season, has good elevation on his shot and hit 7-for-10 in Ball4Lyfe’s first performance. He’s also a smooth passer who can operate an offense and deliver deft, fireball assists. In addition to exposing holes in the defense with his passing, Lubarsky piled up a handful of traditional 3-point plays in which he got inside and finished with contact. He also showcased a nifty scoop-in layup in traffic, which he’s incorporated into his arsenal.

Thad Franklin, Chaminade-Madonna

The toughness of the highly-touted Class of 2021 running back is translatable to the hardwood, where he really bulls his way into the lane. He’s got a two-way presence and proved throughout the camp his ability to be a menacing on-ball defender. He’s still developing a dependable touch from mid range. His sheer athleticism and brute strength allows him to play a lot older than he is.