Standouts: P.K. Yonge v. North Marion: Summer League

High School

Posted On: 06/13/18 5:30 PM

The future of Alachua & Marion County hoops was on display at Tuesday’s Summer Heatwave League. Check out the five names that stood out during a showdown between P.K. Yonge and North Marion’s blend of freshmen and sophomores.

P.K. – T.J. Delano-Burke: The kid is nice at positioning himself for offensive rebounds. He was a hard guy to box-out after the shot went up. Just a battler. He’s someone you want to have on your squad to be in the post.

P.K. – Quay Jones: He led the charge to keep the game close, towards the end. Quay has great speed with the ball in his hands. He gets up-court in a blink. He’s solid at shooting the passing gaps for steals, and can hit the three when called upon. Quay takes it to the rack, strong! Finished the game with 22 points.

N.M. – Eddie Braz: From the three, he’s really efficient. Went three-of-four from beyond the arc, in this game. Love to see the way he’s able to penetrate the gap and rise up for the floater. Braz will be key for the Colts for the future. He notched 17 in the game.

P.K. – Yarnell McCray: Listen, McCray is aggravating on defense (in a good way, if you’re on his team). He just made it tough for ball-handlers, all game. Even on the inbounds-pass, McCray is great at helping trap the ball in the corners. He can score a bit, as well—walked away with 11 points.

N.M. – Jaylen Benjamin: Other than Braz, Benjamin had the most balanced offensive arsenal on the North Marion squad. He started the game off with a three, was able to put down a couple midrange shots, and ended up four-of-four from the line after some tough drives. Benjamin capped the night with 13 points.