Standouts: P.K. Yonge v. Eastside: Summer League

High School

Posted On: 06/14/18 4:35 PM

The upperclassmen (and one shining sophomore) of Alachua County hoops was on display at Tuesday’s Summer Heatwave League. Check out the five names that stood out during a showdown between P.K. Yonge and Eastside High.

P.K. 2020 – Jalen Speer: Jalen possesses an all-around offensive game, the likes of which have not been seen out of many in this Gainesville area. There’s just so much pace to his play. Whether taking it to the cup, hitting the three from the wing, or stopping on a dime at the elbow for a jumper, Speer can make it tough for defenses to do it’s job.

Eastside 2020 – Korin Bradley: I wrote on him a few weeks ago, and I’m still just as impressed with his growth as I was, then. He’s another stocky guard that shows great poise and patience when on the floor. Doesn’t force anything. Taking it to the rim, he finished around multiple defenders. Bradley possesses a nice touch from around 5-8 feet. Look out for him during his second half of high school.

Eastside 2019 – Emontae Shannon: You don’t have to score to be a threat. Shannon proved that during the game. He stayed active the entire game—no down moments. On offense, he crashed the boards, setting up others for second-chance buckets. On defense, he clogged the paint and made it hard for some to finish due to his blocking ability. Shannon should be great to watch, this fall.

P.K. 2021 – Adrian Bloodworth: The youngin’ definitely held his own playing with the older group. The first area of his game which stood out was his ability to rebound on both sides of the ball as a shorter guard. On offense, he chased loose balls. On D, he rose above the rest to snatch some boards, down. His hesitation on the way to the rim can knock defenders off-balance. Adrian can hit that 12-15 foot jumper, with ease.

P.K. 2019 – Israel Wilcox Jr: Whether it be off the catch, or off the screen, “Bizzy” can knock down the three when called upon. He’s on the shorter side, as well. But, his tenacity keeps him in the game. His shooting brought his squad back into the game. Israel will definitely be the floor general for his Blue Wave, come October.