St. Charles Shootout (Class of 2019 Wings)

High School

Posted On: 06/6/18 10:00 AM

Here is a look at some of the top Class of 2019 wings from last weekend’s St. Charles Shootout:

Terron Robinson 6’2″ Francis Howell Central: The athletic wing player is a impact player when he is at the top of his game because he is able to do some many things such as score, rebound and defend. He displayed his potent offensive game who got buckets in the transition game and the halfcourt game with drives and catch and shoot 3-pointers. He also gives a good effort on the defensive end.

David Balantine 6’4″ Battle: A very talented and athletic wing player who can score in bunches when he has his game going. He saw limited time last season, but he has a chance to be a breakout performer next season with more playing time and responsibility. He can really score, making plays off the bounce and hitting jumpers on the move and from different angles. He has good size and will to get buckets.

Tyrek Coleman 6’3″ Francis Howell Central: Another athletic wing player for the Spartans who is capable of impacting the game in a variety of ways. He is a high motor player who did a great job attacking the basket on the dribble and swooping in for offensive rebounds to get buckets. He also got his share of buckets in the transition game. His game isn’t defined by a position. just put him on the court and make plays.

Matthew Simmons 6’1″ Francis Howell: An excellent all-around athlete, Simmons participated in a big football camp earlier in the day and played some basketball in the afternoon. He is physically built and strong at about 190 pounds and he uses his strength well on the basketball court, where he is his team’s primary defender against a top scorer. He is also tough when it comes to getting to the basket on the drive and making plays.

Colten Seyer 6’1″ Jackson: It was my first time getting a look at this very strong and physical guard who was very good in the game I watched. He used his size and strength to his advantage to post up smaller guards, where he scored with both hands effectively in the lane. He is a solid ball handler who kept defenders at bay and he was also a good 3-point shooter.

Josh Anderson 5’10” St. Charles West: He may not resemble the traditional looking basketball player with his short and thick stature, but this young man can put the ball in the basket. He was one of the top perimeter shooters at the shootout. He has good range and a quick release.